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The Wave Motion

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - The Wave Motion

The Wave Motion:
And when I say its emotionality,
what I’m really referring to is its wave context.
The thing that makes the emotional motor so powerful is its wave motion.
That wave motion, by the way, is something that originates in the 6th gate.
That is,the various waves that are there,
the crash wave of the abstract process,
the planing wave of the individual process,
the ratcheting wave of tribal process,
they’re all rooted in the 6th gate.
That’s where they come from.
What we’re dealing with is that the Solar Plexus system is made up of various components,
the gates as we refer to them.
But each of these gates has a different relationship to the layers that are there in the Solar Plexus.
We have a surface layer of the Solar Plexus that is really just about the motor.
In other words, it’s the basic motor function,
one of our four motors that are here in Human Design,
that the wave is the motor function itself; nothing more, nothing less.
This is the motor.
And of course, it’s the motor that’s so distorting.
And because human beings give reasons to chemistry,
that motor that operates in the wave leads to the way in which human beings, 
are going to project on the way in which they look at the world,
depending on where they are in their particular wave,
give a reason to it,
get attached to it and then go the way that most emotional beings go.
They go the path of suffering,
the suffering that even when they're going up they realize, based on experience,
that they will have to go down and slowly but surely even the going up loses its magic;
the motor becomes something that is so deeply,
potentially deeply distorting in the life.

Ra Uru Hu.

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - The Wave Motion
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