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The Religious Breakdown

ההתמוטטות הדתית (The Religious Breakdown)

I think the most frightening thing that arises out of this breakdown,
that is taking place in 19/49 is what is happening to us at the religious level.
The 49th gate in its classic form,
without all of this mutation,
is basically the gate of religion.
The 55th gate is basically the gate of individual spirit.
They’re two different things.
One of the things that’s clear about the awakening of awareness,
is that it is intended to transform the way in which,
our spiritual mechanism operates.
The moment that the 49th gate loses its motor function,
and begins to be an awareness is the moment that,
it’s no longer organizing in the religious sense.
In other words,
there is going to be a breakdown in the power of religion.
Remember that the 49th gate is this fear of God;
that fear of God is a motor function and it’s going to disappear.
The 49th gate is not going to be involved in that.
The 49th gate is not going to act as the control mechanism to organize,
the community according to a religious credo.
Look around in our world.
From the moment that we came into the ninecentered form,
religion and God have been under attack.
And not in the most obvious sense;
it’s the secular world.
And basically they’ve been under attack by science more than anything else.
That is,
so many attributes in so many areas of religious dogma,
have had to bend in many ways to what secular science has brought.
Where people used to at the beginning of this global cycle that we’re in of Planning,
where people had to pray that they would survive something,
now we have doctors that send us a bill.
Science is its own godhead.
They’re all these beings that basically worships science who live by it,
who see somebody dressed in white in an institution,
and immediately think that they’re second to God.
There has been all of this crumbling.
If you look at Western society as a whole,
which has been intellectually mature throughout this Cross of Planning cycle,
you’ll see that secularism has basically diminished in so many ways,
the power of religion and the power of God to determine our lives.
And yet,
as we’ve moved closer and closer to 2027,
what we have been able to witness,
and it really began in 1960,
it began when we entered into the 1st line theme of the Cross of Planning.
That is,
the inner truth theme of the Cross of Planning,
what I call the return to Eden.
it was in that moment that the stage was set for the rise of fundamentalism as a backlash to all of this collapsing,
to the collapse of the moral codes,
all of those various things.
What you get to see is that there is an enormous backlash against the secular
world that’s at work in so many human beings on the planet.
It is a deeply homogenized movement.
At the extreme of that movement we have all of these fundamentalist forces,
and I'm not just referring to Islam,
by the way.
I'm referring to all of them,
Christian fundamentalist,
Jewish fundamentalism,
Hindu fundamentalism,
Buddhist fundamentalism.
They’re everywhere that you look.
They’re all basically trying to get back to the 15th century or something.
They’re trying to get away from all of that,
and they’re trying to force that in incredibly violent ways as a backlash against,
the basic power that they have had disappearing.
This need is not going to be fulfilled.
It is one of the most profound things,
that is happening to us as a byproduct of the breakdown,
of the communication between these two gates and this channel.
It also means that the institutions that are rooted in the 19th gate,
the institutions that provide for us,
the tribal institutions,
the institution of marriage,
the  institutions of education and health,
and all of these things are all under threat,
all of them.

Ra Uru Hu.

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