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Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​​​​ PROJECTOR

I think this is one of the things I like most about projectors is how diverse their designs are.

I know projectors that have eight defined centers; Obviously, not Scarlett.
I have seen every type of projector configuration - the purely mental projectors, the energy projectors,
Those who have defined motors - have all these different varieties of projector.
I drew them once.
I think there are about four or five basic projector variations.
Of course, this is truly the non-energetic dimension of the Earth.
Yes, there are reflectors, but reflectors are always something different.
I think in my work,
And I mentioned it earlier,
I think it did a real injustice to projectors in the early years.
I felt that if I could make generators, that human design would be just like a steam press.
And I pay so much attention to the instant gratification that comes with being an energy type,
To be a generator or actually a manifesto,
And really be able to deal with strategy and authority on a moment-by-moment basis,
And be able to receive the rewards on a moment-by-moment basis.
And of course, that was very unfair to the projectors.
Projectors really have an extraordinary talent,
And the gift is something that can be seen in its aura,
Because the aura of the projectors is a focused aura.
It's focused.
And it focuses on the center G of the other.
Where the generator is designed to be fully immersed in the realization of its own nature,
It is completely immersed in observing the other.
This aura of theirs,
In her deep penetration into the other,
She is undoubtedly a double-edged sword.
This is necessary for the projectors,
Because the projector needs to have access to the work or expression in some way.
This is the way they connect to the life force of the earth.
We know that what we do not have in our design is always the potential of wisdom in us,
That the great wisdom inherent in projectors,
Deep wisdom in projectors,
Is to know how to use energy,
But there is no access to it itself.
And the projector, because it focuses on the other, has a unique ability.
That is,
They are designed to control systems in order to be able to quantify, qualify,
What do you want to call it,
To be able to properly measure the other.
That's why we're talking about waiting for projectors,
As a gift of guidance.
in fact,
The great skill of the projector is knowing how to ask a question.
I guess the role model of all​​ The projectors  There should be Socrates, asking the questions,
Because that's the magic of theProjector .
The right conscious projector knows exactly what questions to ask, which is a great gift.
But the projector kid, to start the story, is very deprived.
They are not a type of energy.
So, clean your room, be good, do it,
Doing so, is all part of a deep conditioning weakness.
And we know that in dealing with the projector we are dealing with the issue of bitterness, of not being seen.
And not to be seen because the projector is here to identify and be recognized;
In other words, identify the other, and identify the other clearly.
And at the same time, to be known, to be known to be valuable, for example, to be recognized in terms of what they are.
The projector boy was born; They do not sell from day one, not at all.
You know parents who spend their time inviting their children to the projector to do this or that,
Besides the projector parents we have in human design they may have a projector child.
You really need to see that projectors are the most conditioned kids and yes,
They have a right to be bitter.
And how difficult it is if you do not have the support mechanism,
Because as a non-energetic type,
One of the most important things for the projector is his relationship with the other,
And the need for a valued relationship with the other;
This is essential for them.
The fact is that projectorips are naturally open to conditioning;
While their aura is focused and absorbing, other auras,
And especially in the sense of aura field generator.
And generator, it completely envelops the projector,
And gift him at the same time.


A projector is someone without a motor connected to the center of the throat and without a Scarlett center defined in its design.

Projectors can be so complex,
Until up to eight of the nine possible centers are defined without the potential of creation or expression.
Since there are no means of expression or energy production,
The projector is the first of the two non-energy types
The projector is the first of the two types of energy that are 21% of the world population are projectors.



The projector had the least opportunity to realize its potential,
Because the ruler ship has always been in the hands of the energy types.
in principle,
Projectors have never been recognized for their potential.
The natural place for the projector is at the top of the hierarchy of the four types,
Since they are designed to guide the types of energy,
And especially generators.
As generators begin to regain their natural power as creative builders,
It is the projectors who will emerge as managers and leaders of the new order.


The first thing to identify about the two types of non-energy,
The projector and the reflector,
Is that their greatest gift is to be able to guide,
And understand the types of energy.
Their real job is to manage the types of energy.
Projectors have the ability to identify the capabilities of energy types,
And guide these people in the most efficient use of their energy.
This is their gift.
Their limitation is that they do not have consistent access to energy within themselves,
But one should rely on others to recognize their gifts.
In other words,
They are the only type that depends solely on others in order to fulfill their purpose in life.
Although they are at the top of the hierarchy,
They do not receive the power.
The power is given to the generators,
Who do not really know how to use it,
Without the help of the projectors.
These two types are meant to be deeply interdependent.
To be a non-energy type,
Does not mean you have no energy.
In fact, the opposite may seem true.
Because the projector does not have consistent access to creative or demonstrative power,
They are meant to use the energy of others.
It can make them invaluable to others,
If they know their design,
Or drain on the resources of others,
If they do not know their design.
One of the big issues of the projector is fatigue.
If they are trying to act as a different type of energy,
They quickly become exhausted.
Projectors are large organizers and networks,
And have the ability to bring people together in the right combinations,
In order to achieve specific tasks.
Are the natural mediators between the two types of energy,
And ultimately it is up to them to know how to maintain harmony in the world.

Recognition (RECOGNITION):


There's really only one thing a projector ever wants in life;
They want to be recognized as they are,
So that they can put their skills to good use.
The big secret to projectors is people.
They need the right people in their lives,
And for a projector,
The right person is just someone who knows you.
Anyone who does not recognize you is a waste of your resources.
It is a fact that projectors actually get more recognition than any other type,
Because it's in their design to be seen.
Other people often see,
Just what they want to see in projectors,
Instead of seeing who they really are.
This arouses great resentment in projectors,
Which is one of their subjects in life.
The projector who does not insist on working with people who know them,
Eventually feels bitter inside.
Because projectors are rarely seen as they are,
They are often confused about the meaning of recognizing recognition.
It can be seen that this projector has two separate settings,
One from the G to the throat,
And the second between the solar plexus and the ego.
Therefore this is a person to be recognized,
Whether due to his identity as a leader (Channel 3/31),
Or because of the depth of his feelings and ease,
Dealing with all kinds of people (Channel 37/40).
If someone approaches that person,
And tell him how amazing his mind is,
Although it may sound very flattering,
This is not true consciousness,
For this person has no definite mind.
This kind of recognition can easily get the projector in trouble,
Because they love to hear things like that!
Relationships based on wrong recognition,
They will never be able to work well for them.
When the projector above hears someone tell them:
"I always feel so inspired when I'm with you,"
Every cell in their body really lights up,
Because the same person really recognized them.
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