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,Physics & Consciousness
Human Evolution & Background Frequencies

התוכנית: פיסיקה ותודעה,התפתחות אנושית, עידן, ותדרי רקע. :The Program) Physics & Consciousness, .(Human Evolution & Background Frequencies

I started in 1994 when I started demonstrating how,

Where the mechanics of our interaction with the environment operate,

Seeing that this was my first experience when I went through 1987 when I received the information,

I was basically an existential nihilist who was a drug freak.

It seems to me an amazing premise of what I received,

And in a very very basic way I did a kind of afmri for the moon,

So that I can experience the moon in relation to my design,

And I was lucky with the timing of the year.

This was the time of year when my Solar Plexus,

And the potential of its activation were open to the very transient location of the sun,

And separated from this binary and with Mercury and Venus,

And so I watched the moon,  And I have described it many times,

It was the most unusual thing for me to become simple emotional eyes,

By the presence of the moon in some abstract position in the sky.
The scientist in me, and the realist in me, and the Western man in me were shocked by this.
I was shocked that this cold cold,
Who somehow somehow changed my character,

And with that I began a long journey of acknowledging helplessness,
The helplessness that is so deep now, that it has become the comedy of my life,
This joke of incompetence, and helplessness that is so beautiful in what it is to be,
And what is it to surrender to what it is to be,
Let go of trying to be the masters of these vehicles,
Because these vehicles are perfect in themselves,
And that we can not control them because they are actually deep, deep, deep, deep, plan.
And that the plan is not a mystery,
I mean it's not a mystery, not anymore.
It's so clear and it's so mechanical and it's really a wheel spin.
In '94 I started doing what I called neutrino predictions,
You know, I started to show the interplay between someone's design and the transition plan.
You know there are many of you here this,
It's a combination today, but there are many of you here who have experienced it,
For a very long time try and understand the impact of these forces.
Only once in all the years I really taught, did I teach bigger cycles.
In Taos, New Mexico, and I think it goes back to 1996,
Was the only time I really sat down with a group and assumed what global cycles were.
It was really a joke because they are definitely at this point,
I did not have the background to really be able to capture it,
And it was really fun in a sense yes,
You know I never know what I'm going to say,
And it was so interesting for me to talk about these things for the first time,
And start seeing how this great mechanic,
How about this great mechanic,
We are beginning to be able to participate in the evolutionary process, and for me it is fun.
You know our life is nothing, it's a bang,
I mean bang, you know and it's gone,
And there is a sense that most of humanity never really appreciates their place in the flow,
I know so clearly that we live in the deepest of the mutation,
I mean the deepest of mutation times there is ever,
Ever, there was such a mutational pressure on humanity as there is now,
And it's time for us to agree,
See this mechanism, to see how the mechanism works and be prepared for what is to come.
There's a darkness coming, and I'm not going to play melodrama but it's fun,
And it's Sunday morning after all,
There is this darkness coming and it settles on all of us.
The human race is what we experience,
What I like to call the killer monkeys, the killer monkey comes to an end.
It's coming to an end.
We are finite and we are in the final stage of the existence of our species.
Now I'm not talking about some great mystical biblical end.
In fact, the end of an era,
Which will lead to the end because there is something else coming,
Because he's going to leave us it seems in so many different ways,
And by so many different cultures and mystics,
This understanding that we are very, very close,
For an important time of transition,
What I want to show you today and tomorrow is the actual mechanics,
Of what's going on to see what we're been involved in for the last 400 years since 1610,
And that the framework of the way we look at civilization,
No matter where you look at civilization on Earth,
That the framework established from 1610 which is going to change in 2027,
It's not just beyond that it's going to lead as much as you know what a magical pleasant future.
This is going to lead to an era that we as a whole are not ready for and even more so are not equipped for.
We are at a point where the expansion of knowledge, and the expansion of knowledge is coming to an end.
There's a door closing on us.
You know, I have my friends who adore science fiction,
And they adore the zip-zum zip zip,
And everyone will be happy to "launch me on a Scottish deck."
And everyone assumes that "they sent me on a Scottish deck" just around the corner.
Well, it's not, and the infrastructure for
support is dying,
And our ability to replenish inventory,
Our stocks are dying, fast,
Much faster than any of us are willing to admit,
And our immune system,
The global immune system is deteriorating so fast.
You can see it by a burst of antiviral madness.
You know, we have a world full of antiviral madness because we are no longer equipped,
Because our species are no longer fertile.
So, I'm going to take you to a kind of,
I love these journeys to take you on a journey,
Through the mechanism of the age we are in and the one that is coming,
And I'll focus on that today, and tomorrow I'll give you some real science fiction.
I'll take you to close the round,
And I'll show you how in the beautiful mechanics of it all that all the parts are locked together,
And the door just closes.
When I first started introducing human design,
I used to do these long introductory lectures made thousands,
And thousands of them around the globe,
And I would always talk about the basic physical infrastructure,
And the nature of physics and how all these things connect,
Then I would talk about the fact that this is a synthesis of many different disciplines,
Whether these disciplines are pseudo-scientific or whether these disciplines are real science,
And one of these elements is Eastern astrology and the introduction of equality,
And all I am going to discuss is a global cycle rooted in the introduction of equality.
Now by the way it graphs here it's PDF and I was caught in my birthday celebrations,
And I could not get it online last night,
So I'll put it online tonight,
And I'll give you the address now so you know,
I'm okay let me give him another name,
Global Let's just call it global fine fine print Global zipper dot.
There are some things you need to understand about the nature of this graph,
And the first thing to understand is that there are two elements,
The way we're going to look at how cycles work,
And that the first thing to see is that we are moving backwards,
In other words we convey thoughts that we,
Actually moving clockwise if you look at the movement in the wheel,
And if you look here,
You can see a run through here this is where we are now,
This is a period that began in 1615 Excuse me I said 1610,
1615 and it's going to actually end in 2027.
In other words it's going to go through this process,
And at this particular time and we talked about a bit that we are dealing with,
With the Cross Of Planning which is 37/40 9 and 16,
And we all know we're at the 37th gate in the front row,
That's where the introduction of equality is at the moment, and in 2027 it will move backwards,
A step that will place him in the 55th Gate and 55th Gate, the sixth row,
And as we know the 55th gate is a mutation of this gate the chemistry of the genetic code on histidine,
This is where the mutation occurs in the center of the solar plexus.
This is where you have the impact on prostate cancer, autism,
All of these things through this mutation.

Ra Uru Hu.

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