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The Individual Wave: Spike

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - The Individual Wave: Spike

The single wave:

As a matter of fact,
what’s interesting about the 55 to begin with is that,
it’s the 55 that is the controller of the planing,
wave of the individual.
Now, think about the individual wave.
The individual wave looks like this,
and every once in a while it spikes.
It can spike up or it can spike down,
and eventually it will go back to a plane.
there are times—and of course,
this has to do with how deep the not-self in a being can be and how distorted they can be,
because all of this can be ramped up by the distortions of the not-self mind,
that there are possibilities to peak and to plane.
those people that get on a high and can’t get off of it.
and literally lose control and those that spike downward and get into the deep,
deep melancholies that are possible,
that are quite notable.
As a matter of fact,
deep melancholies, and not be able to get out of them.
the emotional wave, its very nature is its flatness.
That’s its nature.
When you think about emotional people,
if you meet a 39/55,
you realize right away that they always seem to be in the same basic mood;
they go through long,
long phases in the same mood and if you know them long enough,
you’ll see the spikes.
One way or another the spikes are going to be there.
But basically they are planing creatures.
what’s going to happen here in the 55 is that it’s going to flatten out,
and that's what it's doing now.
When I say it isn’t going to impact us,
it isn’t going to impact us in the way it's going to be natural in somebody who is born with this.
We are all feeling it through conditioning.
We're always going to participate with it in conditioning,
regardless of whether you’re defined emotionally or not,
we are experiencing the transformation that is taking place here.
Ra Uru Hu.
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