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The Changing of the 39/55 Frequency

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​The Changing of the 39/55 Frequen

My youngest son is a 39/55,
and I can feel the shifting that takes place,
in this energy almost on a day-to-day basis,
that I can't put my finger on the frequency and hold it,
because it’s changing.
And I’ve noticed this in other 39/55s.
I’m a 49 myself,
and I’ve been dealing with my emotional system being conditioned,
and my 49 being my soul theme and therefore getting very deep into its nature.
And the last years,
particularly since around 2002,
I began to notice how the way in which my 49 operates in amplification was changing.
It was just changing.
And as a knower it’s not always easy to explain what that was.
Just a difference in its intensity,
a difference in its quality,
a difference in the way it felt for me.
Of course,
I’m not somebody that’s here to actually experience it as a core element,
but I'm very susceptible to its frequency.
If you pay attention,
you can actually feel the change coming.
You can see it in the world around you.
We’re finally getting to a place where the nine-centered being can really,
flourish and with the awakening of the 49 and the 55 to being awareness gates,
for the first time we’re really going to have full nine-centered potential.
We’re really going to be there.

Ra Uru Hu.

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