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The Breakdown of a Cross-Special Connection

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - The Breakdown of a Cross-Special

it’s going to have an impact at many levels.
This connection here operates in many ways.
This is one of the mammalian connections.
Human beings have three different ways in which they can connect to mammals.
Mammals do not have a Solar Plexus System.
Human beings can have the 49,
mammals can have the 19.
This is a cross-speciel connection.
In the same way that humans can have the 22 and if a mammal has the 12,
it’s a crossspeciel connection.
The same thing is true for the 62.
Humans can have the 17—mammals do not have a neo-cortex—mammals the 62;
a cross-speciel connection.
We have three of these connections with the mammalian world,
but this one is very significant because this is where we domesticate animals.
It is our basic bargain with the animals that we control for slaughter.
And this is going to break down.
That relationship is no longer going to work.
We're going to have much more difficulty in being able to control mammal,

populations in order to cull them and use them for our food chain.
Of course,
that’s going to operate at many levels.
Not just at the physical level but at psychological level.
It’s like seeing the rise of vegetarianism in the advanced world,
and all of this is a byproduct of the pressures that have been here in this channel,
that have been going on for hundreds of years now.
And it’s about to burst in that sense.
this theme of domestication of animals,
one of the things that I postulate because I honestly don’t know,
we domesticate animals in many ways,
and I think that we’re going to have a lot more,
resistance from even our household pets.
Our pets generally are on this line here.
That is, this is the social channel of individuality.
It’s a way to make friends with strangers.
This is a place where mammals and humans originally met,
this social bond that came across.
But these mammals that have basically been bred for slaughter,
there is going to be a real problem that arises in that.
The problem itself may not necessarily manifest by an Animal Farm scenario,
because I doubt that very much,
but it certainly may result in diseases impacting our controlled herds,
and ultimately those diseases being devastating to our food chain in the sense that,
we will no longer be able to take advantage of it.
It’scertainly one of the things that is going to be there.

Ra Uru Hu.

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