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Solar Plexus Awareness is Waiting for the Other

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - Solar Plexus Awareness is Waiting

In the end,
though it will all come down to,
what this life is really about,
who is there.
Solar Plexus awareness is an awareness that,
is waiting for something:
It’s waiting for the other.
It’s waiting for the right other.
Everything about being Right is about recognizing,
that the level of the other is the level that you get to express in this life.
How important it becomes for all of us to remember and to remind others,
what Strategy and Authority really brings to you in this life.
It’s something very different.
Something else that is very interesting,
a child that is born after 2027 and they have the emotional system,
and they have the 55th gate and the 49th gate.
But they don’t have any of the other gates,
or they just have one of those two,
and that Solar Plexus is going to be defined,
let’s say the 55 and it’s defined.
There will be no wave.
These will not be beings that will have to be limited by,
No Truth in the Now.
They will be very different,
they will be aware in a very different way.
understand this enormous neural density that is here.
There is this incredible capacity,
to take in information from the other in a very,
very different way.

Ra Uru Hu.

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