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Solar Plexus Awareness

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - Solar Plexus Awareness

Solar Plexus Awareness:
And what we know in Human Design is that there is no truth in the now.
That is, no truth in the now for the emotional being.
So, the motor function is very powerful.
It takes away the existential potential for truth.
There are many things that it gets in the way of,
though there’s something else that’s going on.
Beneath the level of the motor function there is something really profound at work within the Solar Plexus,
what modern science has now been discovering for the last 10 years;
that is, the density of neural activity that is in our Solar Plexus,
a level of neural activity that, by the way,
far exceeds the neural activity we find in our brain system.
Most of that is simply not understood.
That is, not understood allopathically why that’s there.
Scientists are just in awe that they’re finding all of this beneath the surface.
And what we know is there is that the Solar Plexus Center,
like its symmetrical components, is one of the awareness centers;
in fact, it is here to complete the process.
Now we get to see this at the substructure level in Human Design.
That when we get down to the tonal level and Tone represents our cognitive architecture,
that Tone is rooted in these three cognitive binaries.
And these three cognitive binaries, the splenic system,
our original awareness system, the Ajna Center in its relationship with the Head Center,
what we call the mental plane and mental awareness or its potential,
and here the potential for Solar Plexus awareness.
And Solar Plexus awareness is basically what is understood in Variable work as Right awareness.
In other words, it’s very different;
it's very different from the way in which cognition operates from the mental plane,
and again even more different than the way in which cognition operates at the splenic level.
It is one of the things that you understand if you’re a splenic person and you realize that the awareness that
your Spleen comes to in the moment is not translatable to the mind.
It isn’t.
In the sense that the mind is not in any way capable of understanding,
other than through theoretical postulations,
why the Spleen is saying yes or no to anything.
It is an awareness that operates within its own specific parameters.
The same thing is true for the mind.
And the same thing is going to be true here,
because what we're dealing with in terms of Solar Plexus awareness is that we’re not dealing with the mental way in which we have achieved cognition.
The mind is a measuring machine and the way in which that measurement,
is something that we can selfreflectively look at coming out of the Solar Plexus system,
is an awareness that is much more sensitive.
It is an awareness that is rooted in being able to cognitively interpret the environment in a very different way — interpret the auric field,
interpret the electromagnetic field,
and being able to interpret things through the tactile.
There are all kinds of levels in which information is going to be garnered from
Solar Plexus awareness that is not going to be understood.
That is, in the spontaneous sense,
the mind will have no more access to what the emotional awareness is picking up than it does to what the Spleen is.
It will not.
As a matter of fact,
if we’re living in a world that’s homogenized and everybody is stuck up here and living their life through their minds,
and directing their lives through their minds,
there isn’t going to be any access to that at all,
anymore than—it’s the old joke about the not-self who is splenic,
you visit them in the hospital and the first thing they say,
“Oh, I just knew it.”
So, we’re going to be living with a real change in the way in which information is being taken in.
Again, those beings who are going to be so sensitive at this level,
if they’re not prepared for this,
if they don't understand the way in which this works,
that it’s going to present as many problems as it’s going to present possible benefits,
to those that are going to be so endowed.

Ra Uru Hu.

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - Solar Plexus Awareness
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