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Relationships, Sex and Design

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027)
Relationships, Sex and Design.

The human design system is a blueprint of your genetic code.

With human design analysis your genetic code can be deciphered in detail.
This system is a science that is discovered and based on logic,
And logic is based on repetition of patterns,
Something to experience and not a belief system.
At the moment of birth we are imprinted with a genetic blueprint that is a unique expression of ourselves,
And not like anything else.
This understanding can be quite liberating and something within us can surrender deeply,
And allows our true inner essence to be revealed.
It's never too late to start living the life that is here for you.
It really is that simple.

Type (Aura) is the most important aspect of human design,

And is derived from the definition in the body graph.
Knowing your type allows you to begin the process of knowing yourself,
And be aware of your unique strategy in life at every level, relationship, career, sexual and beyond.
This strategy is not a philosophy,
But behavior based on your design.
It is the awareness of how our being works on the genetic level.
To live our strategy is to live a life of peace and balance to bring fulfillment,
Within our relationships and all areas of our lives,
And therefore the elimination of resistance to our true nature.
There are four basic types and one sub-type.
Learning your relationship and sexual strategy through type,
Is another look at human design analysis.
What kind are you?
Did you know that you have a different sexual strategy from others?
Unique signature if you will that gives you a reliable certification,
For entering into healthy intimate relationships.
Type (Aura - Halo) is just one of the many formulas in design,
To determine your sexual strategy,
Profile is another one that will be explored as well.


The manifesto is quite rare and encompasses only 8% of the world population.
These are people who always have access to energy,
They are the only real type of energy they can do whatever they want.
They are able to do what they want.
You're mine. I'm taking you. the end of the story!
They are basically independent and only need to inform or announce their interest,
In someone who will really get into a relationship in a healthy way.
Most of us feel whole in their presence,
Because their design brings us access to energy,
That we can not access it independently.
There are often those who wait for manifestos to announce their interest in them,
The manifesto is often under pressure for this reason.
When a manifest informs someone that it is interested,
This is when their relationships work.
It's so simple for a manifesto.
Without announcing that they will meet resistance, and the relationship risks deteriorating.
This is where anger comes in for the manifesto,
No one told them it was that simple - just let them know first before you take them.
Generators and Manifesting Generator:

Generators and manifesting generator are expressed as subtype,
Are some of the most powerful types of designs,
And the most common representing 70% of the population.
The generator has a huge amount of energy, and power without direct access to its expression.
Generator's strategy is to respond spontaneously from their advice from the source of pure life force.
Only in this way can they know who and what is for them in relationships, sex and life in general.
Success comes for a generator when they are asked, and they can respond.
If they initiate or pursue the relationship,
They will lose the opportunity of response to their advice,
And they will not have the clarity of knowing who or what intimacy is right for them.
You see the reaction that is clean for the big truth of the generator type.
If a generator says "I love you" it can not be true,
But if you ask a generator if they love you,
And they respond with a scarlet buzz of ah-ha or yes, that's something you can really believe.
The use of sounds or words depends on the version of Generator you are.
Once a generator responds they can enter the experience with confidence that it is the right intimacy and so on.
Relationships and sex take time to be perfect for generators - they start slowly,
And they have fulfillment, success or control over time.
The practice is indeed perfect!
Generator (male or female) never knows if they have the right intimacy,
When they initiated or pursued the relationship.
It is impossible to resist a generator that knows the beauty and power of their wait.
The response of the advice is a beautiful temptation that resonates with pure life force energy.

Projectors are what we call the non-energy types.
Projectors are one of the most important types as they are here,
To identify who has the energy to do things in this life,
And manage it, but they are not here to do it themselves,
They are the great representatives in life, and potential masters of energy representing 21% of the world population.
Projectors are waiting for invitations for intimacy and sex.
They can come true in a relationship only when they are invited and officially identified for the experience.
Projectors always make the order,
Until they learn that they are the ones who have to wait for an order.
Once invited to the intimacy they are in,
And can experience fulfillment and love and act with the energy that recognized them.
When they jump in and initiate,
They risk squeezing their energies and resisting this intimacy.
The result is that they become bitter about it,
Who were never really recognized as they are.
Remember as a non-energy type once in a relationship,
They do not have the energy to leave until they are invited to leave.
Now this is something to think about, before you get any order.
Success in intimacy and sexual fulfillment comes,
When they are recognized by the right forces and invited,
In fact this recognition can fuel them for life.
A great mantra for all types is to let your aura speak.


It is easy to determine on reflectors when looking at a diagram,
Since they do not actually have a definition,
And all their centers are white.
Statistically they are 1% of the population.
The other designs are all solar types,
Which get a general imprint from the sun.
A reflector is the only lunar type that reflects exclusively the moonlight on Earth.
They are moon beings and reliable decision-making in intimacy,
Controlled by the 28-day cycle of the moon.
Therefore taking their time before entering into intimacy,
It is of paramount importance to their well-being and success.
They operate at a different frequency than all of us.
They are usually very intelligent people,
As they take the unique geometry of life through their open design.
There is nothing permanent within them to limit their life experience.
It is in that 28 day cycle of the moon that a reflector can really find out what sexual experience or relationship is for them.
Because the moon is the only constant in their lives,
Their strategy is to wait for this circle before making important decisions.
It takes courage, has a reflector as a lover,
And it's a little narcissistic since what you get back is actually yourself!
A reflector is very compatible with a manifesto since the power of the consistently expressed aura helps them digest and feel safe.
They are usually connected to their relationships much deeper than others,
And once they have you in a relationship they rarely volunteer to let you go.

Profiles are the lines of the hexagrams of the I Ching.

We all have them in our charts in the sun of personality and in the sun of design,
And they affect our issues at the entrance to sexuality, and our relationships.
Personality profile. Design profile (unconscious-body). (Design)  


Profiles and sexual roles:
Bonding Strategy: Pursuing  (Pursuer / Pursued).
Sexuality: Bonds made and Broken.


Bonding Strategy: Pursuing  (Pursuer / Pursued).
Sexuality: Confidante.


Bonding Strategy: Boldness / Shyness  (Shyness / Boldness).
Sexuality: Confidante or Not.


Bonding Strategy: Boldness / Shyness  (Shyness / Boldness).
Sexuality: Seducer / Seduced.


Bonding Strategy: Bonds made and Broken.
Sexuality: Bonds made and Broken.


Bonding Strategy: Bonds made and Broken.
Sexuality: Soul Mate or Not.


Bonding Strategy: Secret Keepers or Not  (Confidante or Not).
Sexuality: Soul Mate or Not.


Bonding Strategy: Secret Keepers or Not  (Confidante or Not).
Sexuality: persecutor / persecuted  (Pursuer / Pursued).


Bonding Strategy: Seducer / Seduced.
Sexuality: persecutor / persecuted  (Pursuer / Pursued).


Bonding Strategy: Seducer / Seduced.
Sexuality: Soul Mate or Not.


Bonding Strategy: Soul Mate or Not.
Sexuality: Boldness / Shyness  (Shyness / Boldness).


Bonding Strategy: Soul Mate or Not.
Sexuality: Bonds made and Broken.
Emotions and Their Role:
Emotions rule the world.
Emotional definition in design is when the solar plexus (right triangle),
There is color and it is considered as an Emotional Authority.
It adds a whole new dimension to everyone's strategy.
As an emotional creature it takes longer to be clear about the willingness of entering into all intimate experiences.
Emotions are the juiciest part of anyone's design - they are passionate, hot and sexy.
I like to think of emotions as a place of potentially great sex.
Emotional people always go up and down in what we call the emotional wave,
For this reason there is no truth in the present, clarity takes time.
All potential lovers will be attracted to you when you are up in your feelings,
But who can still accept you when you're down?
This is the ultimate certification.
The emotional system requires you to wait and respect its wave.
Once in a clear emotional place that can be identified over time,
You can count on finding the right intimacy for you.
The genes are always attracted to what we are not - the weak are looking for the strong,
And the strong seek out the weak.
Attraction for us is controlled by our genes below the surface.
You thought it was her smile or his eyes,
And that was really their genetic material.
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