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  • Ra Uru Hu | Human Design System | Cross Of Planning (1610-2027) | Israel | ישראל

    Home: Welcome ​Ra Uru Hu was the founder and messenger of the "voice" of the human design system. Ra was born as Alan (Robert) Krakower in Montreal, Canada on April 9, 1948. And spent his early years there. After completing a bachelor's degree in the arts, His career path led him to the business world as an advertising manager, magazine publisher and media producer. The arts were important to Ra, and he expressed himself as a composer and performer throughout his life. In 1983 he left Canada, eventually finding his way to the island of Ibiza. There he spent years working as a schoolteacher. In January 1987 he had an extraordinary mystical experience, Intelligence that surpasses anything he has ever experienced. Followed by a meeting with "The Voice" (Encounter with the Voice). This session lasted eight days and nights - during which he received information transfer. What is now known as the "human design system". In 1989, after his encounter with The Voice, Ra Oro wrote the Rave I'Ching. The foundation on which human design rests, and the key to unlocking our genetics code. Some of the oldest classical Chinese texts, I 'ching, Or the Book of Transformations, is the ancient divination tool used for over 3,000 years. Bad devoted the next 25 years of his life to the development and teaching of the system around the world. He lives with his family in the United States, Germany, And for most of the time in Ibiza, Spain, where he died in March 2012 . "Remember, When we reach 2027 there will be no 19/49 frequency in the background frequency (Background Frequency) in general. It will not be there. We will not accept this background support, That we are all in this bargain together. You see it all the time on Facebook, The "we are one", The one with everything. (the one-ness of everything). We are all one. (we are one). Yes, we are all one. If you wait, And look what happens when we get to 2027, You will find that we are not like that. It was the background frequency (Background Frequency). We're coming to 2027, 2027 says, "Hey, excuse me; you're alone." This is what Sleeping Phoenix is, Three single gates, And Gate 59, Which is hardly going to carry much tribal quality. There is amazing traffic, Day after day, This 19/49 system is slowly deteriorating. (19/49 system is slowly deteriorating). It's just that. It's so interesting that it's the channel of synthesis. When we got into the subject of the first line in 1960, In fact, we entered the window of opportunity between then and 2027, To reach the inner truth, One of the keys in the locking system, And the key to this cycle. (lock-and-key system of this cycle). Because the synthesis is going to fall apart, The way our companies, Intertwined in all these different levels." Ra Uru Hu. The Sleeping Phoenix cross: (Share 55-59-34-20). To which we move is an antithesis that cannot be denied in our age. Remember, the cross of planning is fundamentally tribal and collective, Responsible for supporting and succeeding in developing a reality-based global community, Details and skills, While the 34/20 arm of the sleeping phoenix is on integration circles, All about myself - powerful, Preservation and the individual core process in which we differentiate ourselves from all others. Three of the sleeping Phoenix gates are individual and very beneficial. In 2027 we will move to the sixth line of Gate 55 "Abundance" Spirit Gate. The sixth line reads. Title 55 - Line 6: Selfishness. exaltation: An acquisition obsession that, despite being alienated, It is still indirectly beneficial to others. The possibility of finding the spirit through materialism. damage: Where there is material abundance, But no one gets to share his light. Step 'No Moon'. The possibility that materialism is becoming obsessed with an 'evil' spirit that you will not share. Ra Uru Hu : The Complete Rave I'Ching We are entering an era of self-empowerment. The next era is not to take care of your neighbor, but to take care of yourself. We are moving on to a global issue of - selfishness that may be enlightened. Our key is to use strategy and authority, To reveal our unique human process, Our inner truth, Which is not dependent on anything outside of itself. We are not here to fear the changes that will come, Or struggle through them. We're here to have the courage to rise accordingly, To our true nature. We can not expect from anyone, Or from the wider world, To take care of us. It's time to be certified in our authority, And teach our children to be their authority from a very young age. We are here to observe the dissolution of our social fabric, And discover our inner truth, The more we move to have more self-empowerment. There is nothing to do but be aware, and witness development.

  • 7 And 2 Work To Do | Human Design 2027

    7 And 2 Work To Go 7 and 2 work to do. The work to do is that if you are a 7 and 2 relationship, and here you can see that this relationship is a single definition, and so it is a fully integrated relationship and if you look at this you can see that there are two centers open. The moment you have two centers open, it means that the couple can end up having different interests that ultimately send them apart from each other. So the moment this kind of relationship has a problem, one partner goes out this window and one partner goes out that window. These are partnerships where partners learn how to escape each other most of the time. And they escape each other most of the time with their particular interest. ’No. Sorry, I’ve gotta work’ or ’I’ve gotta do this thing’ or blah blah blah, whatever the case may be. There is a window they go out of in order to NOT get into this. The other side of that again, by the way, if I’m talking about the not-self, every single one of these mechanics is a negative. At some level or another it’s going to bring out negatives because there’s no understanding and ultimately without understanding in relationships – all you get is a power trip. However the power trip is played out, male/female roles, all that stuff, it’s just that. It’s a power trip and it’s cruel because there’s nothing to change. Anybody who wants to change you, is the enemy. You know, this is not what existence is about, we are NOT here to be changed by somebody. We are here to be ourselves. We are not here to obey somebody else’s demands because they have a specific need to mold our life in a certain way to satisfy themselves. We forget all that. All of that is real insanity. This is all power trip stuff. See, this is mechanics. We are helpless in these mechanics. It’s not like you can do anything about this, that this one is going to go out here and that one’s going to go there. But if the bond between them is healthy and aware, this will be part of their relationship. Yes, they do have these separate interests but these separate interests aren’t separating them because it isn’t an issue. That one is over here and the other one is over there. It’s not `You are over there to avoid me’ or `You are over there to be away from me’. Because it isn’t. It’s just what this kind of relationship offers. You can see that the mechanics is very simple –it just gives you the basic formulas. The 9 and 0s have to be totally locked in. So you have to see that there has to be a fundamental dynamic in your design, that this is part of what your cognitive exploration is on this plane – so deeply connected to another human being to take in that deep experience of the other. You can see that in the 8 and 1 you have something very different. What you have is the beginning of this kind of generational interest field. This window is open for couples to go out into the world to join others, to do things and all that stuff. You know, to be involved with each other at that level to gain that appreciation of each other. Obviously there are very positive things in that. The same thing here. You have to see that at the not-self level these dynamics create all the dilemmas that are there. It’s the foundation of them. These are not beings that entered relationships correctly, they find themselves in a 7 and 2. They may not be built for that. Just because they end up in it, doesn’t mean it was meant for them, they didn’t enter into it correctly. And they may end up with somebody who is REALLY into that and the relationship is going to be problematic. Happy Valentine’s Day! Never mind. My sense of humor. Ra Uru Hu.

  • 8 And 1 Have Some Fun | Human Design 2027

    ​​ 8 and 1 Have Some Fun All right, again. We have the same formula, we are bringing two beings together and all we are looking for again, very simple on the surface but it tells you a great deal about the nature of the relationship . So here’s what you can see is an obvious. We have an 8 and 1, and you can see, HAVE SOME FUN. Now why `have some fun’? You know, the thing to recognize about being a couple and you have an open center is that you’ve got something that the two of you can be open to together. You are going to be able to develop areas of common interest and those areas of common interest are something that bind you to the outside world together. So in this case the two of you are taking in the Splenic phenomena of the world and your own particular designs in relationship to that because together you have an undefined Spleen. But the moment that you have this single window, there’s a way of getting out of the relationship and into something else. Something that they can share from their different perspectives, not like the 9 and 0 where you are locked in so deeply. You know but here’s that place where you can do things together, you can go out together, you can work together and discover things together. The 8 and 1 is something that is a very healthy kind of bond between two beings. By the way there’s something to keep in mind. If you look at this particular design you will see that this is actually a very odd design. Because in fact there is a triple split definition here; three different parts that are not connected to each other. When you have a relationship like this that is built on splits it is very, very difficult - to maintain balance in the relationship, because there are many disconnects. For a relationship like this, if it was just a couple, no children, the only thing you can recommend to them is to find that thing that the two of you really love to do. And find that thing out in the world so that you can be a part of things together. That helps them in terms of bringing these parts of their design together, so they have a more, deeper sense of their connection to each other. Again, it’s a mechanical thing. If the splits are there in the relationship it means there are aspects of the way in which you connect to each other that do not connect to each other. It’s going to represent certain dynamics for the relationship that are going to cause tension. In the not-self world it’s one of the most common things; relationships with splits, when couples don’t really feel connected to each other. It creates all kinds of problems because they don’t understand why. They assume it’s the fault of the other. It isn’t, it is just mechanics. The moment that you see the mechanics, doesn’t mean you fix anything. You surrender. There is nothing to fix. Nothing to fix in the sense that you can change the mechanics. You can’t. You can change the way you live the experience of being in that relationship or you can leave it but there’s no fixing. Because there’s nothing to fix. It simply is what it is. ​ Ra Uru Hu.

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