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​Right-ness and the Solar Plexus

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​Right-ness and the Solar Plexus

My real concern in terms of Solar Plexus evolution,
is the education necessary to go along with it.
At the deeper levels of the knowledge in Human Design,
we work with what it means to carry Right-ness in your life,
what it means to be Right-minded or Right brained,
or to have a Right environment or a Right perspective.
And to recognize what a gift that can be, to be relaxed with it,
to learn to accept it for what it is and not to put Left oriented,
labels on what Right-ness is,
because Right-ness is not a problem. It is depth itself.
It is the great receptivity.
What it’s waiting for is that it’s waiting for the Solar Plexus.
Right now there is only one awareness aspect,
that is connected to Right-ness,
where Right-ness can actually be experienced,
and it’s at the mental plane,
because the mental plane is really divided into two.
That is,
it’s divided into its traditional strategic Left-ness,
and on the other side its receptive Right-ness.
And it's here that in the first stage of the development of Right-ness,
because the mutation actually took place here in the Ajna Center,
that it is this first stage in the Right-ness that,
is connected to the mental so we can talk about it.
I can talk to those beings,
that carry Right-ness and explain it to them,
because there is a right aspect to our thinking,
that allows this to be grasped.
But in order for the deepest levels of Right-ness to be expressed,
we’re waiting for this.
We’re waiting for the tools.
And oh boy,
are we getting close,
around 17 years from now;
very close.
Most of us,
will get to see that.
I hope I’m around to see that,
just to see the turning of the wheel.
It’s not like I expect everything to happen in a moment,
to get beyond that point,
to be able to see the beginnings of these,
beings coming into the world,
to be able to see clearly.
As a deeply unemotional being,
it is so obvious to me that I can feel it.
I do,
I can feel it.

Ra Uru Hu.

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