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Materialism & Mating

Materialism & Mating

so lets start.

It began in 1615.
And it started with the 37th gate as the equinox gate.
And you can see that the lock is gate 25.
The 37th gate is the gate of the family.
This is the gate of the need of God.
Not just the need for God,
But the need to build temples to God,
It's the need for secure family ties,
This is the need for moral law,
This is the need for those who will work for the benefit of the community,
And we find that in the complementary 40th Gate.
In other words, we live in an era since 1615,
Where the most dynamic issue was community,
And not just a community in this sense is a primitive tribal community,
But this is the development of the tribal community,
Who goes from being you know a tribal ruler,
To a city-state, to a nation-state, to national institutions,
In other words the whole structure of the community,
Everything is built into this work from 1615,
The plan demanded that humanity would have to work harder and harder,
Just to be able to maintain the structure they were designed to build.

Ra Uru Hu.

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