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Industrial Revolution

מהפכה תעשייתית (Industrial Revolution)

Excuse me, it's to focus on all these details.
That we are already dealing with the behavior of it,
In this age of these centuries,
Very specific of behavior,
Behavior we were very conditioned to have a very kind,
I'm pretty worried about what the reaction will be.
And the problems of collective psychology are rooted in their finiteness,
That the spectrum of the disease.
And you see when it becomes clear to humanity,
And how to be able to find a way to protect these creatures,
And how to be able to deal with their mothers,
When they come,
How to identify these children,
And basically it's about educating people,
That I start in September is that I will study a program of Cosmology Rave,
I mean one of the things about the online university,
Accept, it's going to take a long time.
Does not mean that consciousness is going to recognize,
Remember the fact that we can talk about timelines,
And this is a shock wave that will not necessarily be consciously perceived.
And there's a shock coming,
You know when this thing suddenly comes out of a person's body,
All over the world screamed,
You know that moment where audiences really,
You know, the first time we have this collective mental hit,
And my favorite illustration is the alien movie.
That all these things foresaw the same mechanism,
Science Fiction,
You know I talked a lot about how popular culture is,
We are not good at getting competition.
I think we could not stand any competition.
Given my understanding of the killer monkey,
Were they destroyed? My assumption is that they were killed.
Entering his valley and what brought them to an end.
How was it that this Neanderthal saw the Cro-Magna,
At least we could have enjoyed adopting the arrival of what is coming.
We could live our authority,
In fact, if we were all living our authority,
Live according to your authority, which has no other authority.
It's the magic of what it's like to be right like you,
That there is nothing to compare.
Loving ourselves as God,
To love ourselves.
Which is that we are here to recognize our uniqueness and in that,
The magic of the potential of what I teach,
You know that, the magic of behavior,
Stepping on the tail of the tiger be careful, it's wonderful.
You know it's one of my favorite lines,
Everything related to the tenth gate,
10 is a weird lock, it's all about behavior.
You see the 10,
9 in 16,
We gallop towards the door the way we have evolved.
And the way we move is faster and faster and faster.
Is that our evolutionary process,
After all, one of the things to understand about approaching the end of the round,
It happened very often in our history and it happened very quickly.
And Spain was probably the last place Cro-Magna and Neanderthal lived together.
Spain has a very interesting Neolithic history,
And that's one of the things about life in Spain.
I mentioned a few days ago that I often think of him,
Her appearance is something I have spent a lot of time observing.
It will be very different from us.
It will come out of us.
I tell you that in 2027 we will have another species on this planet.
You all know that for many, many years,
That is, on the mystical level,
And our physical vehicles and our physical creativity are not going anywhere.
This is the movie,
And you start watching is the only thing to do,
Where you know you're stopping trying to be in control,
And I mean as soon as you get to the point,
And I can see the change in their consciousness,
And I can see them in opposition,
To their kind and I can send them to the world,
My point is that in a few words I can give someone a strategy,
I mean you know the true joy of life.
It is when you let go of this life to be something you are here to control.
And that the only way you can get out of this pain,
How can you get out of the pain, of what seems to be the tastelessness of human experience,
It's just getting to the point of understanding,
Whether it is esoteric or exoteric,
And the consciousness of this planet now,
And for me it's clear that all intelligence,
And it does not like what is happening,
Because it does not like where it's going,
And the passenger who spends most of his life screams and cries,
Locked in a helpless vehicle in the program,
Because what we think of ourselves as a passenger,
And from everything I understand about the nature of being,
Of what it is to be embodied in one of these vehicles,
You know you're looking at serendipity,
There is no other point.
I mean what's the point otherwise.
What else is there, we are here to seek knowledge.
But you know when the multiplying game is over,
I mean one is, you know you're going forward and multiplying,
Because there is only one purpose in consciousness,
What you need to see is that we have helplessness driven by all this,
Jesus, we have it now, you know give me a break.
Look what we managed to do,
All this time that everyone thinks she's so amazing,
You know we see them from the rooms.
we do not know.
And we never see things that way.
Is that I fly with 75 lungs or 300 lungs or whatever and the shit in them,
I mean the scariest thing for me about flying,
Stale dead air of other people, more and more and more.
You breathe stale dead air,
Inside your immune system takes a hit,
You know what happens when you spend your life alive,
We started packing people inside.
In 1615 we began to build factories, large, dark.

The ninth gate. Detail, detail, detail, detail.

This is the basis of our scientific world,
This is the very basis of our ability to get down to a minor detail.
I mean, I like, I like to be a very educated scientific freak, you know.
I mean, I love it,
Because I love these two worlds,
And I have always seen that I am a duel,
I have always seen that there is an amazing relationship between these two worlds,
Once you bring them into combination with each other.
I mean it's that real and individual magic again,
I will never forget my first trip to Los Angeles to teach,
And I'm right, right, yes, I'm in one of those hotels in Beverly Hills,
A very funny scene and an ad for my visit,
And my assistant brought one of the great esoteric libraries in Los Angeles,
Now this is the kind of thing that is published once a month,
And in this thing, because it was really a thing.
I mean, I've never seen anything like it.
It was about a thousand and a half pages of paper,
Of anything other than ads for esoteric services and knowledge.
I mean anything you can think of,
From the weirdest and craziest you know to the standard of LP,
Blah blah blah you know and everything in between people who sold mantras,
Offers mantras whiz whiz,
Pony in it of you name it you know every kind of shaman, guru, hippie dippie, you,
It was amazing.
There were thousands of them.
That is, there were at least 40 or 50 pages.
About the time I had the experience with the voice,
I lived in a row not far from the village of San Juan,
And I had a friend of mine, a very old friend of mine, David,
And he was trained as a scientist he was actually trained as a geologist,
And he was one of the few guys,
Who actually had enough money to subscribe to magazines in those days,
And he signed up for a new scientist, and one day I'm on the porch,
And I see down on the road,
I see his car stop,
And I see him get out of his car,
And he goes to his trunk,
And he takes the two packages,
And he put those two packages at the bottom.
The little path I would take to go up to my porch,
And leaves and so I go down there,
And I grabbed those two packages,
It was two years of the new scientist,
And the new scientist came out every week so there were about a hundred of these things,
And I bring them to my porch,
And I sit down under my fig tree,
And I put those two packages in front of me and then I started laughing.
Never, this is the only time in my life that I was really scared.
I mean aura demons the voice,
You know I mean shocks,
But really scared of my death.
I'm laughing so much,
I really thought I was going to die.
I panicked because I could not stop laughing.
I rolled in the dust.
I could not,
It was so amazing for me,
Here were all these scientists millions and millions of them on Earth,
All the details of this ninth gate are the journey of a thousand miles,
And all these people, are doing all these steps endlessly.
Doing these steps.
And here's a ridiculous freak, you know, just sitting there,
And they gave it all to me,
It was like it came down from heaven,
And all thought and all science of two years from all the scientific disciplines,
And I'm reading this,
It was amazing, it's our age, it's our time,
There are so many minor details available out there that no one can digest it.
It's an infinite, infinite, infinite unit.
Because we're all trying to get to the source, how does it work,
Why does it work the way it works,
Who's in charge, you know it's just going down to the flesh,
And when you take both sides you can see.
I remember the first time I taught juxtaposition theory,
Three-dimensional theory.
Two weeks later Hawking in his wheelchair begins to sprout on a nine-dimensional universe,
And it's good too.
That is, after all, human design is the only discovery that science has verified.
It's one of his jokes, you know, it's this and that,
And you have to see that our behavior for centuries,
Focused on all these little details,
And all these little details are the basis for collective transcendence.
The collective theoretical transcendence that we await for the theory of everything,
And of course quantum scientists are going crazy right now,
Because they do not know what to do with neutrinos.
It's almost like they want to say,
What we can know We can go back to the way we used to see things.
What do you do when 60% of the mass of the universe is neutrino? And we're all in it.
You know, so this detail,
What do you think will happen when we leave this age,
Where this individual lives,
And we all remember it's not an abstract thing,
It's not like it's out there.
It is in us, in each and every one of us.

Ra Uru Hu

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