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How We Connect

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - How We Connect

A transcription of the Valentine Day’s Event by Ra Uru Hu
on February 14, 2010
Welcome to all of you.
Nice that you are here for this Valentine’s Day event.
We are going to look at how we connect to each other.
Everything about Human Design is not about partnership.
As a matter of fact it truly is a secondary thing.
Everything about the nature of Human Design is about the potential of the differentiated unique being.
This is what we are here for.
This is what we are all about.
At the very core,
at the very nature of what we are as a being,
lies the potential for us to fulfill whatever our uniqueness happens to be and to be able to do that while living successfully on this plane.
One of the things that you get to see immediately in the nature of being is that we are in these
bioshells and the life program is very specific.
The life program says that the only way in which we are going to survive is that we need to reproduce and that everything about the way in which we
are going to operate in the world is that we are going to be controlled by receptors.
Think about your design.
I mean, the graphic.
You look at the graphic and what do you see? You see 
things colored in.
Every single one of those things that are colored in is the nature that is there in 
that is it is the genetic predisposition to your potential uniqueness.
But the majority of the 
things that are there are white.
They are just white; white centers, white gates, white channels.

They are not empty, they are not broken, they don’t need to be fixed.
They are graphic metaphors 
of receptors.
Most of what we are – is receptors.
What we are most receptive to, aside from the 
program itself, is the other.
And because we have a biological imperative,
an imperative that says we must bond,
that we must 
mate, that we must reproduce.
This is something that is deeply embedded in the genetics of the 
That it is something that we, in most cases, helplessly deal with.

The beauty of Human Design begins with something very simple.
It is the surface of the knowledge.

The surface of the knowledge says that you can operate correctly on this plane if you take the
responsibility of making decisions away from your mind and you give it to your Strategy and
Authority, that is you give it to your vehicle.
That’s what your vehicle is for.
It’s an incredible 
intelligence that is here to operate on this plane and to operate successfully.
It is not that we are 
here to ignore the receptors because after all this is what life is.
This is how we connect to life.
how we connect to being.
It’s how we connect to everything.

One of the basic things that you learn in Human Design is that the very thing that conditions you at
the start becomes your wisdom when you get to the other side of the process.
Because after all they 
are receptors.
When you are looking at your design,
all those things that are colored in,
you can 
think of that as the student and everything that’s white is where you go to school.
It’s the things 
that you are here to learn in life.
Most human beings, the vast majority of humanity are just simply 
overwhelmed by where they go to school. They get lost there.
Who they could be, might be is all 
gone because it’s so easy to get lost in the conditioning.
What I want to share with you today are some basic formulas.

They are just formulas.
There is something to understand about mechanics.
It’s why mechanics can liberate the spirit 
because the moment that you see mechanics,
there is that chance,
that serendipity that for you in 
that moment you can release yourself from the great curse of all bonds.
The great curse of all bonds 
is: you have to be different.
That other, if only they could be like this or they could be like that.
only you would change.
If only you would pay more attention to me.
If only we could do this or that.

If only we could be like this or that.
The moment that you get into mechanics, you get into helplessness.
The only thing that protects 
you in terms of relationships in your life is not what the relationship is but how you got there.
Because if you don’t get there correctly, you are always doing maintenance.
The first thing 
to understand about mechanics is that when you get to see it,
all you can do is go ’Oh, my 
Goodness! Well, all right.
What am I gonna do?’ Nothing.
Because it’s nobody’s fault.
It’s not about 
Relationships are built on these little dollops of blame that get stored away.
These concepts 
about the way somebody is supposed to be.
Think about the way we work.
We have stuff that’s colored in and we have things that are open;

this whole nature–nurture process.
But I want you to grasp something about conditioning and 
something that’s really,
really important, is that we are not simply the victims of conditioning.
put it out. We don’t just take it in, we put it out.
It’s a fascinating thing when you can begin to recognize who you are and what you put out and what
you are not and what you take in.
Or in another way,: what you put out – that is always consistent 
and what you take in - that is inconsistent. We are constantly in this tension.
This Is the Maia.
the Maia but it’s not for getting swallowed in.
It’s not for getting messed up in.
It isn’t. It’s for 
navigating through.
It’s for the journey.
It’s for the extraordinary voyage of discovery.
It’s for this 
incredible cognitive experience to be self-reflected consciousness on this plane at this level. Wow!
What a trip!

Yet the majority of humanity is simply locked in ancient survival mechanisms and conditioned and conditioning.
The homogenized pool of the planet,
the way it functions, rising and 
falling on the program.
Now I want you to think about that open center and I want you to watch this flow of energy and
understand something:
when you put energy inside of somebody,
it isn’t the way you experience it.

It isn’t. It’s amplified.
So you’ve got an idea because you’ve got a fixed mind.
You’ve got a fixed concept of one kind or 
another and you are with this person and you are talking to them about this fixed concept and you put this fixed concept in their head and they are open.
They don’t just take it in. It becomes a big 
It gets amplified.
It becomes MORE, if you will.
It gets elaborated on.
It gets all kinds of stuff 
added to it.
Think about it physically.
Nearly two thirds of humanity are Generators and on the other side you 
have the three types:
the Projectors and Manifestors and Reflectors,
who do not have defined 
Sacral and they are always taking in the Sacral frequency and they are always amplifying it.
You want to see the most powerful Generator?
I mean they don’t live long but you can see them.
those not-self open beings amplifying all of that sacral energy.
It’s not theirs and they cannot replenish it and they cannot stay healthy with it.
So it goes back and forth.
Ra Uru Hu.

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - How We Connect -HOW WE CONNECT 3
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