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Fulfilling Our Cognitive Potential

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - Fulfilling Our Cognitive Potential

Until we have awareness in these three areas we do not reach our cognitive potential.
This is what we’re all about,
is to get to that place of being able to fulfill our cognitive potential.
This gate of spirit,
once it is stripped of the motor wave,
this becomes a unique force of spirit awareness,
this unique awareness that measures differently.
Everything is about measurement.
We live in a duality,
so everything is a
“this and that”,
everything is a measurement.
The Spleen measures in certain ways.
We can simplify it by saying healthy or not healthy;
I recognize it,
I don’t recognize it,
the immune system doing its work.
Here in the Ajna Center we have a very different way of doing that,
the concretized way that we have through our mental apparatus,
that has evolved over all of these thousands of years.
This is really new, a different way of being cognitive.
And because it's part of the Solar Plexus system,
and because the wave is going to remain,
motor function is going to remain,
that this is an awareness that travels differently.
Here you smell and you taste (Spleen).
Here you see (Ajna).
But here,
here it’s something else.
Through the wave, through
carrying along on the wave,
this is an awareness that penetrates at a different level;
it penetrates into the substance,
the energy fields that are there that we do not yet have tools for.
And then we’re finally going to have the real fulfillment of nine-centered potential.
We’re very limited.
Limitation is really an amazing thing.
Your eyes can only see what they see.
You don’t see neutrinos.
You don’t see gamma rays.
You don’t see all kinds of things because you’re not designed to see them.
And not being designed to see them means that you don’t have any way of assessing them other than theoretically.
We have a whole new set of information that’s being made available to us as a cognitive creature.
It’s a whole new set of information,
very profound in its own way,
more complex than either of its predecessors,
subtler than they are,
more sensitive than they are,
and with the power to be deeply trans-auric in that they ride on the wave,
that they take in so much and they take it in in the right sense.

Ra Uru Hu.

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