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Evolution of a New Species of Mankind

האבולוציה של מין חדש של האנושות (Evolution of a New Species of Mankind)

Surviving is the deepest preventive energy within us.
It is asexual, potentially violent, completely existential, and really does not care about the other.
No, it's not detailed.
This is not a logical detail, to affect everyone,
Take out all those little bits of information,
Give us all this expansion of science and medicine and all that stuff.
The story is over.
Gate 34 is part of the integration.
Integration is what we started with as a survival mechanism and we go straight back to that,
Personal survival.
For 18 years I have been teaching people that the only, only thing, is to have your authority,
Because if you are not your authority,
You do not experience the purpose and uniqueness of your embodiment,
But it's more than that,
It's a preparation for a time when if you can not have your authority,
No one is going to have that authority for you.
We live in an age where everyone wants to be an authority for everyone,
You know, all the old men on you, the sheep, and I the wolf.
And here we go, and it's an old mechanism,
You know how the teacher and the student,
And this and that and the master and the student and blah blah blah blah it comes to an end.
I mean, I know that from my role this is the end of this movie,
So it should be a boring trip.
Once you can turn surrender into a mechanical process,
And this is what human design offers,
You do not need teachers in this sense.
You just need someone to kindly let you know,
And that personal and individual authority is the only thing that will protect us in the future,
We, I'm not talking about Rave children working in Pentas.
We're going to be ourselves like the authorities,
Does not mean we are going to be alone,
But all the tribal, collective imprinting, goes away and it fades,
Every day it fades.
The 16th goal and his connection to the 15th.
Now think about the 15th gate.
The fifteenth gate is part of this logical process.
It is universal to all life forms.
It's the rhythm of life and more than that on the mystical level,
This is where we have the potential of loving humanity.
And the sixteenth gate is a gate of skills, abilities,
And so the whole process in these four hundred years,
Was developing skills for the benefit of mankind,
And we have a huge amount of skills developed.
I mean when I think about how fast it is, and how 1960 really is a marker, right.
I remember when I was a kid you first had a doctor,
And the doctor came to your house, I mean, and your doctor was a doctor.
I mean if you have a bad toe,
If you had a bad year,
You know it was your doctor,
And the doctor who came to your house did not tell you,
I can not worry you,
Need an expert here or here or here or here or here.
Years within years, it all changed suddenly,
They did not come to your house suddenly,
There was not one type of doctor,
But there were many types of doctors,
And it started to expand all the time,
You know you have great toe doctors,
And small toe doctors,
And everything in between, just kept layers,
All these different skills.

Ra Uru Hu.

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