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Emotionality in the Time of Mutation

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - Emotionality in the Time of Mutati

Hello, and welcome to all of you.
It’s nice that you’re here.
Let’s get into the subject of today’s lecture,
one of those areas that has been an underlying theme for us since 1781,
this Pluto interregnum that we are all participating in.
I’m somebody who is very much interested in and has investigated rather deeply the evolutionary process,
and the evolutionary process as it’s seen through mechanics.
It’s clear to me that the advent of the nine-centered being in 1781 was not something that came fully dressed.
That is,
the full potential of the nine-centered being,
was not available a couple hundred years ago and it was clear that this Pluto interregnum,
between 1781 and 2027 was really almost like a gestation for the nine-centered being.
Ra Uru Hu

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