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Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​​​​ Dominance

This is one of my favorites,
this is dominance.
Somebody has the whole channel and the other does 
not have any.
This person is taking in the whole experience of having these centers defined and 
defined in this way and amplifying that.
The really interesting thing in relationships is,
when I showed you earlier the 9 and 0 and 8 and 1, 
and you look at them at that level,
when they come together in the connection chart – there is this 
THING there and that thing takes on a life of its own.
It’s what you become as a couple, as friends,

whatever the case may be, whatever label you put on that relationship.
It is that thing that you 
become and you begin to see each other within that framework.
Particularly, for example,
the 9 
and 0 is very locked into each other and see each other through that connection.
Think about what it is not to have dominance in your relationship.
For example you don’t have a 
dominance in relation to your partner and your partner has a dominance in relation to you.
If you 
don’t have that,
neither one of you really know what each other is like away from each other.
If you have a partner who has 28/38,
the Channel of Struggle,
and it’s dominance for you 
because you don’t have any of that and if you meet somebody who just saw your partner looking for their car keys – I’d say `Oh, yeah, that’s them’.
Because the moment that you have dominance 
from somebody,
you really learn a great deal about whatever that thing is.
It becomes something 
that you’d identify very easily with that person.
And identify with them in the sense that you have a 
sense of them beyond the relationship.
Most couples don’t have a sense of their partner beyond the 
It’s really funny when you think about that.
The only understanding they have is the 
way they connect to that partner.
And of course, given that they are not-self and they are all lost in

that, they have very little understanding of each other as a being.
Why do you think so many relationships get to the point when one of the partners is in the stage of
This just doesn’t work’.
They just get there.

Ra Uru Hu.

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