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Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - Disease

Disease is not, None of that, and the interesting thing for me,
Is that geneticists do not know what I know,
It's obvious, and they do not know anything that will change the way,
That they would look at the nature of our being.
This mutation, there's something in this chemical mutation that destroys us,
It's like if you googled the word disease.
I mean, 2,000 years ago there were probably three things that killed you know.
Google Disease. It's amazing, yes there are thousands of them, I mean there are, there are thousands of them,
There are so many diseases it's amazing,
Then you know it, and then they think there's a cure.
This is the first problem.
The second problem is that they see the disease as something that came out of a vacuum.
You know, we have a new disease.
We're declining at an incredible rate,
And none of these genetics go,
You know I noticed something.
I mean, you do not get it.
One day they tell you,
That if you drink tomato juice, three times a week you are going to die.
Next week they tell you,
You really need to drink tomato juice because it's going to help your liver,
Then next week they tell you in liver tests we found that tomato juice.
Yes, it has nothing to do with tomato juice.
I mean, it's sex.
We have huge problems observing the forests.
You know it's all these little trees.
I have been warning everyone about bird flu for years.
You know this thing,
When it's coming and it's going to come,
And nothing on earth is going to stop this clever little retrovirus,
Finding a way to bother us,
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing,
And when it does come it's going to be devastating.
I mean, I think most of us in the West might be because of the medical infrastructure,
And the fact that there is wealth to buy the antivirals,
Maybe we have a chance not to be really overwhelmed by it and this is just the beginning.
It's like the story with AIDS.
It's always been there.
It's a monkey disease, for God's sake.
It was there forever,
But forever we had an immune system that was really hard.
We had an immune system that managed to get to the top of the food chain.
We were tough killer monkeys.
Healthy killer monkeys.
For 400 years we have been hidden from the sun every day.
I mean how destructive it was to our immune system.
We were cut off from the sun and cut off from the sun from it,
That would not mean people have no shelters,
There were shelters, you know,
But you did not sit in the cave and watch TV,
You went out and did something.

Ra Uru Hu.

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