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Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - Details

Everything about our modern society runs on details.
Can you fix your cell phone yourself?
Do you even know how electricity in your home works?
Everything to do with materialism was based on details.
You know, the way we make machines and all that stuff.?
Enter a factory where they manufacture some modern sophisticated machine,
And ask every single employee how to put the whole thing together and they do not know.
"I'm just doing it," you know.
And what happens when no one knows how to do it?
Yes, you should see that we have an entire star excavated in this detail,
So much so that we do not know how something works.
And what happens when the lights go out?
We got fucked!
And you do not want to see a killer monkey (killer monkeys) without their washing machine,
And their TV, not to mention that the elevators do not work.
I mean, you do not want to be in this neighborhood!
Oh, all these, all these creatures, you know, you're watching,
I like to watch movements, I mean, you know,
It's so fascinating to see the way things work.
You know the people of nature. You know.
It's like they know, you know,
I need my own electricity and water supply,
I have to grow my food.
I think one of the more beautiful things,
Is in fact that this great Christian joke,
For the poor shall inherit the earth,
Which I always thought it meant the rich on vacation,
You know, I did, I never understood that,
But that the poor should actually inherit the earth,
Which is really a joke because it has to work that way in many ways.
They are much better equipped to handle without the minor individual of us,
I mean you know the only risk for them is,
That they are tainted by the propaganda of the end of this material age,
But we also see that there is a huge rejection on some levels of this, and of course there is.
We in the West are the ones who will feel this effect.
The culture of robots,
I mean why do you think you have all these robot movies,
And robot stories, and you realize there are thousands of different types of robots,
That are constantly being built and evolving all the time now.
I mean they are not built for toys.
Minor individual business.
It's really going to be a huge challenge,
Because it's coming out the door,
And if you do not have someone who knows how to do something,
You're not going to find him,
You're not going to know how to do it.
I had it with my car,
You know that when I was 13 I made a great choice in life,
Do you know or I'm going to learn how to change a carburetor,
Or I'm going to learn how to make love and I went to sex.
Many of my friends went on carburetors,
And they're the kind of people who, when their car breaks down,
They're fixing it, you know.
I mean some of my favorite moments in Ibiza,
You know, there was my car that died on some camino in the middle of nowhere,
And I got out of the car and started walking away, you know and my wife yells at me to do something.
And the idea of opening the hood,
And I will look inward because I would do it,
I'm just more comfortable, I know how to open the hood,
I would look inside,
Says it's really damaged,
You know what to do, and I'm going to go,
And I'm going to think of the whole world like that,
I mean it stops being funny,
Really fast I mean,
Really fast I mean,
That no one thinks about how fast,
Things are running out.

Ra Uru Hu.

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