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The Death of the Institutions

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - The Death of the Institutions

​Everything related to any program,

The embodiment, the incarnation deals with consciousness, in form,
And everything related to consciousness,
In the form is on the consciousness of the witness,
In order for the totality in this sense to be correct,
All the different possibilities of form must be consciously experienced,
And that you see in all this movement towards details and skills,
And all within the structure of the tribe,
Remember everything within this structure of the community,
Of keeping it together with the glue of religion,
Of building police, of having walls, of banks, all that stuff,
This skill for the benefit of humanity is about to end.
It's going to end.
You will not have institutions that say ah,
These poor babies in this country,
On this river get this disease,
Let's go send things right away,
It's part of this age it's not a natural quality of humanity,
I mean it's, such a joke.
We tend to see ourselves,
In the same way that when I meet someone,
I know they are not themselves,
You know I can always tell you,
Can always tell you,
Can tell people they are homogeneous,
They are not unique,
And you know it right away,
And you feel it right away,
And you know that when they talk to you,
That they never say what is really unique,
And you know I learned it when I was the first teacher,
Not a wonderful experience here in Ibiza,
That you know I taught at a local rural student school here in '83 and '84,
And I taught what would turn out as children of my friends,
And there were moments when each of these children would quote his parents directly.
You know I mean they would say something like that,
That you know exactly what kind of parent he was, and that the way the parent told them that,
And I suppose that everything is that everything is their responsibility,
They do not recognize that they are helpless,
They can not after all it would be too scary,
Because they do not understand it,
They do not understand what this means,
You know I had this funny thing with no choice,
You know I tell people all the time,
Look no choice,
And they'm really upset,
You know that everyone thinks, because they live in an illusion,
That elections are everywhere,
And I went to school to pay the commissions for my children,
And the secretary was very sweet, told me you have lovely children,
And she told me you did a very good job,
And at first I meant to say there is no choice,
But I thought it would upset her,
So I said I'm just lucky.
I found out to say I'm just lucky,
It's even more provocative than saying no choice,
And you know that it's basically the same thing.
I mean, I love Lao Tzu,
He was one of the few thinkers from the past I was able to take into my body,
And it just resonates cleanly.
It is such arrogance to assume that you can interfere with the universe, at any level.
I mean it's amazing arrogance,
And one of the things I enjoy about dropping this screen,
Is that this arrogance is going to take a kick,
Because all the pretension about what we think we are,
Is all to be supported by these institutions,
And all this is supported by these mechanisms,
Non-personal it's just a spinning wheel,
And that we express the plan.
You know we're not humanitarian.
it's a lie.
That does not mean we are incapable of humanitarianism.
But even that is not a choice,
It's a serendipity of a moment.

Ra Uru Hu.
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