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The Truth about the Current Model of Human Being

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​The Truth about the Current Model

We are killer monkeys.

When there is no collective tribal infrastructure to protect them.
They're going to have terrible times,
Because otherwise they're going to have terrible times.
And the emergence of their authority.
Is to instill the importance of their authority,
It's time to instill in everyone you know,
It all comes to an end.
The leader of his followers,
The opportunity to be the master of students,
These institutions will disappear.
This is the time to teach them that the door closes.
They are importance, their purpose.
Some are depressed about their viability,
You know worthless beings,
Is the sense of human worthlessness,
I mean, the deepest disease for me,
And that each of us gets to see our value.
Because the truth, whatever it is, is found.
And answers that consciousness can flourish,
Thus through every detail we can come with a necessary consciousness,
That we were under to hold it together long enough,
And all this and that's the time it's the time it's the plan,
It goes on and on or on to the authority of God,
Your pastor is your authority,
They all become authorities for you,
Your doctor is your authority,
Your lawyer is your authority,
Your government is your authority,
You see that the propaganda of our time is that anyone can be an authority for you,
And make sure they know how to make decisions like themselves.
This is to make sure they are working properly,
It is to nurture in children,
I know about adults,
Is the only thing to cultivate.
These are times when personal authority,
I always go back to the same place,
Everywhere I go in my knowledge,
No matter what the story is.
So, you know,
That comes with a simple surrender.
And you do not receive grace,
And you do not see the magic,
Then you do not see the beauty of it,
You must be caught because it looks like a terrible place to be,
And they are disappointed and they are all the things we know.
And they are angry as hell because,
Because most of them are generators,
And on top of that they are frustrated,
Most of humanity is oppressed,
It happens, and you have a terrible depression that moves through humanity.
When you have a huge deterioration,
And you're definitely not going to get there at these times,
You have the right authority,
And you do not get there,
But each of us is here to be the expression of his uniqueness,
And be the expression of it,
It's my job to be me,
I just know what it's like to be an ego manifesto.
I just know what it's like to be a clarifier,
I do not see my way,
But I personally,
So I'm good at being her messenger,
Is that this knowledge is given to me,
Just in some way the fact,
I'm really limited after everything I see,
This business should be a source of knowledge,
Well, you know it's always so clear to me,
And what a gift this is.
What are you here to meet,
What are you here to see,
Why are you here?
And by beginning to understand,
And less resistance,
Will meet less,
As he moves in this crumbling and deteriorating environment,
And all this means is that your vehicle,
You will be right,
And if you rely on this authority,
Because each has a unique place of authority within them,
That no one can make decisions with their brains,
And as we know in knowledge,
The vast majority of humanity makes decisions with their brains,
Humans do not know how to make decisions,
We have our own unique authority,
And until we deal with the fact that in this uniqueness,
We reach unique,
And bases them on a simple scientific fact.
Is that it takes spiritual concepts,
I mean there is no beauty in human design,
Is that there is nothing I can compare him to,
And that the very love I have for myself,
And at the same time I understand that this is everyone's potential,
There will never be anything like me,
I live in glory knowing that there is nothing like me.
I mean there is nothing else.
Is the only chance we have to enjoy the joke,
But the fact is that what is left,
You know,
According to this there is time, it's not like you have to worry about keeping your shoes on,
There are still hundreds of years,
And that means that in the remaining incarnations,
Slow shutdown.
It's the sex.
That's one thing.
But it's not all these different things.
They call it, all these different things,
You know they call it that,
That they call it poverty,
But the source is displaced into other things,
Deep depression, and depression that is not understood, the source of it is not understood,
But do not get caught up in what is a universal depression,
And it's going to happen,
This is our genetic orientation.
I'm not telling you this, to depress you, it's just a fact.
It's not about the ship going down,
And the beauty of the moment,
And be in harmony with the moment,
That you know the beauty,
And the beauty of music,
And the beauty of it,
Continues to play as the ship descends,
This magic of these wonderful musicians, play,
It was the only movie that touched me,
You know, when I saw the movie it was the only scene I really liked.
Which I really like.
And it's one of those pictures,
And one day I finished describing our work as musicians on the Titanic,
Ten years together as a teacher and a student goes through all these different levels.
And we're been doing this for some of us for ten years.
Very long in this knowledge,
You know I'm already bringing people through a lot,
I'm really working hard,
And the gift of watching a movie I mentioned a few days ago,
You can do nothing else,
You know all you can do is watch a movie,
There is nothing else.
And begin to direct our intelligence to the recognition of purpose and to fulfill a personal purpose.
It's time we got rid of the intellectuality that tries to control the fate of the planet,
The way mechanics work,
When you start to see the way the structure works,
So that we have potential for the upcoming mutation.
Just so the program has a large enough genetic pool,
That 70% of their time is looking for firewood and water,
If you look at all the females on this planet,
They do not care that out of these six billion,
I do not care that these six billion most of them have a bad life,
But think about the coldness of the program.
And we know there is a huge mutation at work.
And with a huge genetic pool what you have is the only real chance for a mutation,
So you have a huge, huge, huge genetic pool,
Than lived on earth until I think 1870,
There are more people living on earth today,
And we have a population that is six billion plus,
You know, most people say good population,
And the plan is that without all the tremendous expansion we will never have,
They walk away people,
And I keep thinking,
Moral religious constraints on us,
And how amazing that we have these layers in, layers in, institutional, educational,
You know, I understand the principle,
Too many people in my aura, I immediately want to kill.
I mean, I understand that principle.
I mean, I'm a Chinese rat.
You can not pack them too deep.
You know? That is, rats do it.
That is, all the time.
That people do not kill each other.
When I walk into one of these huge city centers,
It's always amazing to me,
And not kill each other all the time.
Live in crowded places,
Our ability unlike rats,
Our ability to find harmony in large communities,
Our ability to live with each other,
That all the things we consider to be our delicate qualities of puberty,
So what we looked at was that we looked at the plan of the Cross of Planning,
Everyone is slowly sinking into this despair,
And trying to wake people up, wake up, you know.
There are so many people running around,
That's why you have all these people running around trying to wake people up now.
And you see that there is this weakness,
A miracle of what it is,
The grace of what it's like to be in one of these vehicles,
All this shit, awesome.
That they do not think they deserve,
That they hate themselves,
Humans in their shit, you know,
I mean, I could not stand it anymore.
To be in an aura of self-hatred.
That I could not stand it anymore,
I gave up personal reading after a single six or seven thousand,
We're going to be more and more depressed in the wind, it's the wind.
And are not going to regenerate,
Who are at the end of their production line,
And once we think we're in charge of vehicles,
That we are responsible for these vehicles,
And as soon as we think,
Be a passenger in a vehicle,
The impersonal of what it is,
I forget the truth of the cruel character,
Because as soon as I forget it,
I can not forget this for a moment,
I am aware of this every moment, of every day.
Three billion people live on less than a euro a day.
That there must be something worthy for them, in this experience.
That there is a possibility that humanity will recognize this,
Then you will see slowly,
For about 80,000 years it will come to an end,
And the sexuality we have experienced for a very long time,
Because when the curtain falls,
I'm waiting for this curtain to fall,
They do not know.
And therefore they do not succumb to what is possible.
That they do not see what is happening,
Who come out that everyone is lost,
I can see that all varieties,
And in this period of decay,
Because this is a time of decay,
I do not. I do not.
See, I do not see it as one of the great periods of humanity.
It's a way to protect us from the truth.
It's such a little patina about what we are,
He's so fake,
That this structure over the last 400 years,
I mean you need to see,
And the morals of our religions,
Enforced by our governments,
We have these things,
We are taught that our schools,
No, we are held that way by our institutions.
Then the outside says but we are actually peaceful, that we are actually nice.
And they are the smallest, most cruel bastards you can imagine,
And if we did not have them, we would die immediately,
And they are things, that say they are things, and they are wild, they live in our universe,
Every moment of every second in our body has the wild, wild, wild things,
You know, because the first thing he will do is eat you alive.
You would not want to meet a cell that was as big as you.
I mean just for a moment, think about your immune system.
And I tell them, look at your T cells,
I mean, people talk to me about peace on earth,
These forms do not allow us to transcend chemistry and biology as they are, you know.
You know, I mean that's the thing to understand,
And it's not that far.
Until there are no more of us,
We'll always be killer monkeys.

Ra Uru Hu.
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