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Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​​​​ Compromise

Compromise is nasty,
it is a burn in your side.
It’s a thorn in your foot.
Think what this is really like.
Here is Miss Wonderful over here and she has the definition here in this whole channel,
and here is Mr. Wonderful and he has part of this channel.
They get together and you get this compromise. You
can see there is still this whole channel that is being controlled by Miss Wonderful and there is this
12 that is interspersed in here.
No matter how much this 12 would like to CONTROL anything in this channel – it CANNOT because the control mechanism is here.
For example the 22nd gate is the gate of the left ear,
the gate of listening.
Very often it’s about listening to music or poetry.
It has romantic tendencies.
For example here is this couple and 12 over here (Mr. Wonderful) says ’I want to listen to blah blah’.
And 12 over here (Miss Wonderful) the one who has the full channel says `I’m going to listen to whatever I want to’.
Now they don’t necessarily say it that way.
The fact is that no matter how the argument will go,
in compromise it always leads to arguments.
Not only that,
in this case if you had someone who was unemotional and she is emotional the moment he would want to listen to something that she doesn’t want to listen to he would get the emotional wave,
at which point he would say `Yes, dear, whatever, you like’.
It’s a mechanic. It’s just a mechanism.
It’s not like it’s her fault because truly it is NOT her fault. It’s nothing to do with fault or blame.
You cannot fault her ancestors,
or her whole genetic history, because this is what she is – she has the whole channel.
You can’t blame him.
He doesn’t know any better.
It’s like every time he wants to go down that road,
somebody is trying to control how he gets to the end of it and it begins to chew at him.
This is compromise.
So many relationships have compromise in the construct,
sometimes several in the construct.
Relationships are extraordinary things when you get to that place where you can just let go and
accept somebody’s design.
Compromise in relationships for the mind is one of those annoying things and it never stops being annoying to the mind.
Because the mind enjoys digging into those things and trying to use them as mechanisms to take control.
I understand the helplessness of the other.
It mirrors mine.
All I can do is embrace what’s there with awareness.
What I find in the compromise process in my life is that I’ve gone from the annoyance and at times
from anger,
I’m a Manifestor, to the humor stage where it just got to be funny and finally to the point now that it’s just a thing.
I’m just aware of it and I stay away from the territory that draws it out because there’s no point in indulging in a mechanism that you can never win.
Unless you are a masochist and you are designed to suffer in that way,
please, by all means,
enter into a relationship that’s full of compromise and you’ll really get to see what that’s like.
You see, these are just things.
It’s not about the person.
Our relationships,
these things that happen to us when we connect to the other,
that thing that becomes the two of us,
it’s not something that you can do anything with other than experience.
That’s what we are here for.
We are here to experience this process cognitively.
We are not here to be caught in the survival mental distortion movie.

Ra Uru Hu.

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