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I mean there has never been a greater bondage in the history of mankind,

This deal of security comes from the community,
And out of that confidence comes from the community,
We have all the things that have their roots in 40/37,
Which is my tribes better than your tribe,
My governments are better than yours,
My gods are better than your God,
My business is better than your business,
And all the things that go with it,
And from 1615 to 2027,
We are stuck in the deepest material period in the history of mankind.
There has never been such an emphasis on materialism,
And it's not our fault that it's not that there are good and bad guys in the materialism business,
That Pope John Paul, who collects dog shit, is better than Bill Gates who will leave a million,
It's not about that,
It's about understanding that we're all in the yin and yang of it,
And of what spectrum is we all,
We were caught in the material wheel and did not think it was going to be a great relief when it disappeared, because it is not.
But still, that's what the 40/37 brought us.
Now that you think of the thirty-seventh gate as a key,
Think of the lock that opens this deep need,
Because he needed the gate of the thirty-seventh,
This deep need for community infrastructure has become our spirit,
And the same spirit through the twenty-fifth gate, the twenty-fifth gate,
It is the gate of the priest and the priestess.
You know it's the blood gate, it's the gate of the sacrament,
And so much of what we've seen in the last four centuries,
Is that this whole search has linked us deep, deep, to old tribal myths.
We have never lived in a more religious time, ever, I mean, ever,
I mean it's one of the things that scares me so much,
I mean, I'm not religious, you know, I mean I'm talking about religion.
I'm not talking about spirituality.
I'm not talking about mysticism.
I'm not talking about magic.
I'm talking about institutions.
It's like a home movie with the Pope.
What film.
This stinking old institution.
Thousands of years, you know, and it's this institution that's going down.
You see the moment we move away from a flowing imprint,
Through every person on earth,
That you can not escape that we lock ourselves into this tribal configuration,
When it comes out the window all these institutions will start to crumble,
They will not be sustainable.
It's not going to be us even wanting.
I'm going to think about it.
We are not naturally built as human beings to get along with each other so well.
I mean after all institutions are artificial ways of maintaining peace,
I mean that's what they're doing.
It's a way to control the killer monkeys, in our cruelty.
See, I have,
It's very hard to find a way to impress myself,
Not of what it is to be human,
And see the ugliness, and the pain, that such a period has brought so much.
The very necessity for reproduction,
Create so many people,
He's not about the excuses people come up with that he has to do with poverty,
And they need more children,
Either they have no contraception, or they do not know it,
If they do not know it, it is not true.
We live in an age where reproduction is an issue that is sucked through everyone.
The tribe cannot survive without it.
Power to the people.
Well, you need the people,
And the 40/37 demands more and more and more and more of them,
More and more workers to build the temples,
To keep the temples kneel in the temples.
I mean, you know this is one of the jokes,
The more people you get in the bureaucracy.
You know it's just going on and on, but this is our age.
Any person carrying the 25th gate.
I carried the 25th gate.
You know I'm a lock that allows this key.
I mean, I'm responsible for maintaining this issue of materialism,
Like everyone else even more in some cases,
And you know you're paying a lot of money for me and all that stuff.
I'm not poor, all that stuff.
We live in an age of materialism and it is coming to an end.
Good thing, man, that's going to be in 2027,
You know, because I can hang my shingles,
You know and just kind of retire, watch, watch the wheel spin,
And that we see within the whole nature of materialism 40/37,
That one of the things in the tribe is that they are always the ones who are not allowed to come to the table,
And we live in a world where so much is forbidden to come to the table,
Then we think there are villains and we look to blame.
You know it's their fault, it's your fault you know,
Let's change the political system,
Let's change the leadership,
Let's change the spirit of humanity.
You can not do it.
It's like someone tells you,
You need to change,
You know, slapping them for saying that.
What the hell are they talking about,
No one changes.
We are what we are.
That's what it's going to be,
Whatever it's going to be,
And garlic raging against the wind,
Not going to stop this curtain from falling,
Nothing, nothing.
When looking at the 40th gate,
The 40th gate is the opposition to the 37th gate,
And the 40th gate is connected to 46,
And remember that the 46th gate.
Gate 46 is over the whole body, and it is the body like the temple.
This is the place and this whole body is the temple that one of the things to see on the 40th Gate,
The 40th gate is a gate of denial.
It's a gate of God's denial,
It's a gate of denial of the value of friendship relationships,
Of all these things and yet,
Of course when it's tied to gate 37,
You get this whole community structure.
But think about the connection to the 46th gate,
Which is on the body,
And one of the things to understand is that the body deteriorates at a very fast rate,
And one of the first things that came with this cycle was what we call medicine.
When we did a concrete and base and chain look,
You know I talked about this phenomenon of you know that integration makes things happen,
You know once you have two things,
And you bring them closer together after having a quantum effect,
And that the quantum is the hole that is larger than the sum of its parts,
And one of the things to see about the nature of the mutation,
Remember that when we entered the cycle in 1615,
We were already in the process of opening up to the mutation.
In 1781 we had the appearance of the ninth in the center,
You know this is the beginning of the mutation,
Leading through the realization of this transition that is going to take place after 2027,
And this is also one of the things that should be seen about us as human beings, is that since 1781,
We no longer had at the deepest level of our genetic imprint a future ahead of us,
And there was a slow deterioration in the immune system and when you think about it holistically,
Think of it this way,
In 1781 when our body temperatures began to rise,
We began to pollute the environment in a way that was never done.

Ra Uru Hu.
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