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China and Oil

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - China and Oil

It's like oil.
I mean China.
China has a huge appetite right now.
I mean on a fascinating level apart from the fact,
Which are the most amazing pollutants in the world,
They suck energy from the planet,
At a pace you can not imagine,
And traded this oil reserves,
You know I mean.
Easily within ten years you will have $ 100 a barrel,
And it's getting worse I mean there are a lot of things that are all moving in the same direction,
At the same time to the same place,
And so about all this business,
We will detail and we will know how to handle things,
And we'll know how to fix things,
And we will know how to exchange things,
There is nothing on this planet that is going to replace oil.
is nothing.
There are little things that will do it,
And you know it's not.
You know, it's not like any genius will appear in the next ten years,
And say you have it,
We have something new. We must not, it's not in the plan.

I mean it's not in the program.
You know that's one of the things I've been saying to people for years,
That we have now you know we have 22 years left to get answers,
By the way if we do not get all the answers,
It's not like we fail any test,
It's just hard luck,
I mean, it's not like the program cares,
We have already done the job that is,
We have an extraordinary level of potential consciousness on this planet.
The self-reflected consciousness has evolved to the point where you know that such transformations are possible,
And possible in so many places in the world today,
But this whole thing of looking at the world we are in,
And to see that there is some kind of continuity to which we are advancing, forget it.

Ra Uru Hu.

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