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The 39/55

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - The 39/55

Let's think about what we're looking at here.

The first thing is that you can see the two gates that have the green,
The Gate of the 49th Revolution,
And the 55th Gate of Abundance.
Now, these two gates share something in common.
Both codon histidine,
And the histidine codon is actually the key to the chemical source of the mutation at the genetic level,
The mutation that occurs in the solar plexus system.
Everything works out of it.
And what's interesting about it is that it activates it,
And it is pressed by two forces.
That is,
The pressure that is always there from the 39th gate,
And the pressure of the 19th.
Now, 19 and 49,
As you can see,
They are very unique,
And I'll talk about that in a moment.
But let's start with the pressure of 39.
This is an interesting thing on Channel 39/55,
When we look at it in the ordinary sense on the surface we see that it’s a channel of moodiness.
It has a great deal to do with romance,
it is a stream of passion,
after all.
The 55th gate is the gate of Spirit,
and it is best described as the cup half full and the cup half empty.
This gate is always under pressure by the 39th gate.
the 39th gate is there to provoke the spirit,
to bring the spirit out.
And if there is anything that is truly initiated,
the transformation that is taking place in the Solar Plexus system,
it is the constant tension that is produced by the 39th gate,
the constant tension that is stirring the genetic mutation that is taking place in the 55.
What we're looking at in terms of these two gates,
is that these are going to be the first two gates in the Solar Plexus system,
that will not have a wave function.
that isn’t going to apply to anybody who is already alive.
What I mean by that is that in 2027 those children,
that are going to come into the world—those children,
who are going to be born and not children,
that are going to be raves,
but children like us that,
are going to be nine-centered humans,
that in these children,
these two gates are going to operate differently than,
they did in their parents or they did with us.
They're not going to be the same.
Ra Uru Hu.
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