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A Developmental Interregnum

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - A Developmental Interregnum

After all,
in evolutionary terms the couple of hundred years,
or so since 1781 doesn’t mean a hell of a lot.
This is,
in evolutionary terms,
this whole interregnum that we’ve been going through has really been,
this developmentally interregnum to get us to this place and prepare us for it,
this long evolutionary movement to get there.
It’s why Design came when it came,
to be able to lay the foundation for what is beyond this.
Because this is when all the tools we have and all the ways we have of understanding in Human Design,
from Variable down to Tones and Base orientations,
all of these things that are part of the knowledge now can fully be applied,
and can be taken full advantage of.
And that we will get to see and we’ll get to experience,
in those children of the future a form of awareness,
that is really so deeply unusual,
something that 10 years ago,
20 years ago would be nothing more than science fiction,
and it's not.
It's part of our potential to be able to be cognitive in ways that are yet not understood by the mind.
It’s there within us.
It’s there within our form;
it’s part of what our future will be.
All right,
to all of you,
thank you for participating in today's lecture.
It’s nice that you’re here.
Wherever you are,
all of you,
you take care.
Until next time,
bye for now.

Ra Uru Hu.

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