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A Break between the 19 and the 49

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - A Break between the 19 and the 49

But it’s very different here in this relationship,
because in the relationship between the 19 and 49 it is the 49 that carries the wave function.
It is,
after all,
the emotional gate.
It is the ratcheting gate.
But the thing to be clear about,
what we get to see in the 55 is that what's happening is that this wave is being taken away.
The 49 is no longer going to be,
those born with it,
no longer connected to the motor function.
And the result of that is that this pressure out of the 19,
this pressure and this lack of a wave leads to a break here.
When I say a break,
think of it this way,
that you've got two points at either end of the channel and they’re firing,
like neurons firing in the brain,
they’re firing.
And they’re firing at each other and there is a way for them in firing to each other,
to reach each other.
But it’s rooted in the firing.
The 49 is going to stop firing,
it’s just not going to be there;
period, over.
So in essence,
those children born post-2027,
like you and me,
nine-centered humans,
there is going to be a breakdown in the communication,
between the 19th and the 49th gate and,
that changes everything.
It changes the 37/40.

It changes it all.
It takes away all the driving forces that are there in the 19.
No longer will the 19 be able to apply that pressure on the 49th gate.
That the principles of the 49th gate are not going to be,

conditioned by pressure or by wave function,
but the principles are going to be conditioned by awareness.
It’s going to be an awareness gate;
it’s no longer going to be a motor gate,
and it’s not going to be determined by the needs of the tribe at all.
It is simply going to be concerned with being able to filter,
the experiential world and to be able to recognize correct principles,
through awareness that penetrates at a level,
that’s totally different from the Ajna and the Spleen.
Now obviously,
in a lecture like this,
I can't go into all the details of how right awareness operates,
but it is something to understand that this is a cognitive
potential that is only now really beginning to be grasped.
Only now are those beings,
who have the opportunity,
through Human Design to find out,
about their Left-ness,
their Right-ness,
to be able to accept and finally be at ease,
with the way in which their cognitive process works.

Ra Uru Hu.

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