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​​9 and 0 Nowhere To Go
Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​​9 and 0 Nowhere To Go

Now, in Human Design,
I guess the most extraordinary thing because you really don’t have to be.
what do they say, a brain surgeon, a rocket scientist.
It’s two pictures, same graphic background.
In those two pictures you get to see what happens when you bring them together.
In this case what you are looking at here, is that one of them represents.
you can see for example
this side over here – you can see it expressed in the green over here and this over here you can see
expressed in the blue over here.
So you’ve got the the green and the blue forces over here that
come together and make something else.
So I’m going to show you now four basic formulas.
They are basic but like all simple things,
they carry a tremendous amount of truth.
Of course,
in terms of mechanics you get to see what happens to you when you enter into a bond with somebody.
Think about it this way:
you’ve got two ways in which it’s going to work.

• You are going to enter into the bond as not-self which means you are going to be drawn by
the conditioning,
whatever the conditioning happens to be and you can see that there are
all kinds of mutual conditioning that goes on in this relationship.

• The other side is – you are going to enter into correctly this relationship.
Now that’s something totally different.
It really is.
Because you enter in as yourself and as such you are able to take in the other.
It is something that is so important to understand about being yourself and that you can make a
decision that is correct for you, in terms of who you bring into your aura.
Most people don’t.
So you end up in configurations when they are not correct that become deeply distorted.
Think about this image, this one, down here.
What you get to see in this image is that when these two beings come together,
every single one of the centers, all of them, all 9 centers get colored in.
So if you take your design and you put it togerther with somebody else’s design and all the 9
centers get colored in – this is called 9 and 0 and as you can see THERE’S NOWHERE TO GO.
Now think about how uncomfortable that can be and think about how wonderful that can be.
I mean, after all it is about this and that, isn’t it? But it’s a 9 and 0.
It means that when the two of you are together,
nobody else can get in.
Not only that but when the two of you are together,
it’s hard to get away.
You get locked into each other in a way that can be healthy or not.
It depends on the level of awareness in the relationship.
But there isn’t anything you can do about that.
A 9 and 0 is a 9 and 0.
You end up in a 9 and 0 relationship with somebody who is difficult and abusive,
whatever the case may be, not such an easy thing to get out.
You end up in a 9 and 0 relationship and all of those friends that you seem to have had in your life,
who were part of your social dynamics,
suddenly disappear because you are caught in a 9 and 0.
These are mechanisms.
You can’t do anything about it.
You can’t be in a 9 and 0 and the whole theme of your relationship is `Let’s make room for somebody else’ - because it does not work.
It’s just a mechanical thing.
If you are not meant for that,
if you get drawn into a relationship through the conditioning,
through the way in which homogenized relationships work and you end up in a relationship that you
discover very quickly isn’t necessarily for you - this is very difficult.
Not only that but you often end up with partners that can be deeply disturbed by having the relationship come to an end.
It is something to recognize.
You see,
to be helpless in one of these relationships – this is a very painful thing.
It is.
It has the capacity to really altering the way in which that couple is going to operate.
It does not just have to be a couple.
It can be those beings that are friends and everybody else can’t get in.
It can be those working associates that really bond deeply to each other and trade off their
own stuff together and there are all these levels that it works at.
The only answer is not `Oh, I’m in a 9 and 0 and I don’t like it’.
Or `I’m in a 9 and 0 and I’ve lost all of my good friends and what can I do?’
That is not what this is about. It’s a mechanical thing.
There are beings that are supposed to be in a 9 and 0 relationship that are absolutely perfect for them because that’s where they are supposed to be.
That’s what’s really correct for them in terms of the way in which they are designed to connect to the other. Remember, it does not mean that if you connect with your partner or a friend and it’s a 9 and 0,
that you are going to be a 9 and 0 with anybody else.
It does not work that way.
You begin to see when you start looking at your design and the design of the people in your life,
you begin to see very quickly that there are all these different formulas that emerge out of these
relationships and they change the way it works.
If you’ve got a 9 and 0 relationship with a friend,
no sense inviting somebody else to join you to go out.
It’s not the kind of thing that is going to work.
It just isn’t.
It’s like trying to break up a friendship of one of your kids with somebody because you don’t particularly like them, or whatever the case may be – and they are a 9 and 0.
You watch and see what kind of a dilemma that’s going to bring.
So it’s a mechanical thing to be aware of.

Ra Uru Hu.

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