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​​ 8 and 1 Have Some Fun
Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​​​​ 8 and 1 Have Some Fun

All right, again.
We have the same formula,
we are bringing two beings together and all we are looking for again,
very simple on the surface but it tells you a great deal about the nature of the relationship.
So here’s what you can see is an obvious.
We have an 8 and 1, and you can see, HAVE 
Now why `have some fun’? You know, the thing to recognize about being a couple and 
you have an open center is that you’ve got something that the two of you can be open to together.
You are going to be able to develop areas of common interest and those areas of common interest
are something that bind you to the outside world together.
So in this case the two of you are taking in the Splenic phenomena of the world and your own
particular designs in relationship to that because together you have an undefined Spleen.
But the 
moment that you have this single window,
there’s a way of getting out of the relationship and into 
something else.
Something that they can share from their different perspectives,
not like the 9 and 
0 where you are locked in so deeply.
You know but here’s that place where you can do things 
you can go out together, you can work together and discover things together.
The 8 and 1 
is something that is a very healthy kind of bond between two beings.
By the way there’s something to keep in mind.
If you look at this particular design you will see that 
this is actually a very odd design.
Because in fact there is a triple split definition here;
different parts that are not connected to each other.
When you have a relationship like this that is 
built on splits it is very,
very difficult - to maintain balance in the relationship,
because there are 
many disconnects.
For a relationship like this,
if it was just a couple,
no children,
the only thing you 
can recommend to them is to find that thing that the two of you really love to do.
And find that 
thing out in the world so that you can be a part of things together.
That helps them in terms of 
bringing these parts of their design together,
so they have a more,
deeper sense of their connection 
to each other.
Again, it’s a mechanical thing.
If the splits are there in the relationship it means 
there are aspects of the way in which you connect to each other that do not connect to each other.
It’s going to represent certain dynamics for the relationship that are going to cause tension.
In the not-self world it’s one of the most common things;
relationships with splits,
when couples 
don’t really feel connected to each other.
It creates all kinds of problems because they don’t 
understand why.
They assume it’s the fault of the other.
It isn’t,
it is just mechanics.
The moment 
that you see the mechanics,
doesn’t mean you fix anything. You surrender.
There is nothing to fix.

Nothing to fix in the sense that you can change the mechanics.
You can’t.
You can change the way 
you live the experience of being in that relationship or you can leave it but there’s no fixing.
Because there’s nothing to fix.
It simply is what it is.

Ra Uru Hu.

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