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7 And 2 Work To Go

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​​​​ 7 And 2 Work To Go

7 and 2 work to do.
The work to do is that if you are a 7 and 2 relationship,
and here you can see that this relationship is a single definition,
and so it is a fully integrated relationship and if you look at this you can see that there are two centers open.
The moment you have two centers open,
it means that the couple can end up having different interests that ultimately send them apart from
each other.
So the moment this kind of relationship has a problem,
one partner goes out this window and one partner goes out that window.
These are partnerships where partners learn how to escape each other most of the time.
And they escape each other most of the time with their particular interest.
’No. Sorry, I’ve gotta work’ or ’I’ve gotta do this thing’ or blah blah blah,
whatever the case may be.
There is a window they go out of in order to NOT get into this.
The other side of that again, by the way,
if I’m talking about the not-self, every single one of these mechanics is a negative.
At some level or another it’s going to bring out negatives because there’s no understanding and ultimately without understanding in relationships – all you get is a power trip.
However the power trip is played out,
male/female roles,
all that stuff, it’s just that.
It’s a power trip and it’s cruel because there’s nothing to change.
Anybody who wants to change you, is the enemy.
You know,
this is not what existence is about,
we are NOT here to be changed by somebody.
We are here to be ourselves.
We are not here to obey somebody else’s demands because they have a specific need to mold our life in a certain way to satisfy themselves.
We forget all that.
All of that is real insanity.
This is all power trip stuff.
See, this is mechanics.
We are helpless in these mechanics.
It’s not like you can do anything about this,
that this one is going to go out here and that one’s going to go there.
But if the bond between them is healthy and aware, this will be part of their relationship.
Yes, they do have these separate interests but these separate interests aren’t separating them because it isn’t an issue.
That one is over here and the other one is over there.
It’s not `You are over there to avoid me’ or `You are over there to be away from me’.
Because it isn’t.
It’s just what this kind of relationship offers.
You can see that the mechanics is very simple –it just gives you the basic formulas.
The 9 and 0s have to be totally locked in.
So you have to see that there has to be a fundamental dynamic in your design,
that this is part of what your cognitive exploration is on this plane – so deeply connected to another human being to take in that deep experience of the other.
You can see that in the 8 and 1 you have something very different.
What you have is the beginning
of this kind of generational interest field.
This window is open for couples to go out into the world to join others,
to do things and all that stuff.
You know, to be involved with each other at that level
to gain that appreciation of each other.
Obviously there are very positive things in that.
The same thing here.
You have to see that at the not-self level these dynamics create all the dilemmas that are there.
It’s the foundation of them.
These are not beings that entered relationships correctly,
they find themselves in a 7 and 2.
They may not be built for that.
Just because they end up in it,
doesn’t mean it was meant for them,
they didn’t enter into it correctly.
And they may end up with somebody who is REALLY into that and the relationship is going to be
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Never mind.
My sense of humor.

Ra Uru Hu.

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