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6 And 3 Better To Be Free

Human Design System By Ra Uru Hu:
Cross of Planning (1615-2027) - ​​​​ 6 And 3 Better To Be Free

6 and 3 is always fascinating.
6 and 3 better to be free.
For some people this is a classic.

If it is really in your nature to be not really connected in a relationship but still in a good relationship,
which is quite a thing to think about,
the kind of thing that hippie propaganda was about 40 or 50 years ago,
whatever that was, 6 and 3 is an interesting thing but for the not-self it’s a disaster.
For the not-self it’s always a problem.
There are so many ways to go,
there’s so much distraction in the relationship that it’s very difficult for these couples to pay much attention to each other.
Then again,
if it is really in your nature to have that kind of a relationship where you can spend a great deal of time in your own thing, in your own space and only connect every once in a while for the value of that connection – then this is something that can be perfect for you.
In other words,
these are the basic mechanics for the kinds of connections that we have with each other.
Remember something.
Human Design says that if you are going to live by your mind – you are going to have a homogenized life. You have to get to the point where you grasp that the mind has been involved in trying to deal with things that it cannot,
in any way, truly deal with.
It can’t. This is the
blackest joke of all.
That the mind is not able to change any of this.
All it does is create the suffering,
the pain, the anguish, the anger, the frustration, the bitterness, the disappointment,
all of those things and what we end up with is a catalogue of beings for whom the biggest pain in
their existence is having to deal with relationships and this is not what we are here for.
Nine centered beings are here to be cognitive,
we are here to commune and share our outer Authority 
and our intelligence with each other.
We are here to be deeply respectful of the other human being 
because we accept them for what they are, whatever this thing is.
You can’t do anything about 
that, you cannot change that.
You cannot make them into something different.
They connect to you 
the way they do and the results are what they are.
And you sit back in the passenger seat in
awareness and you watch the movie,
your movie, you are the star,
and see what it is to be here on 
this plane as you.
Because if you trust in your Strategy and Authority,
if you take away the decision 
making process from your mind,
you get to enter into things the way you were intended to.
You get 
to meet those beings that you are intended to meet and the combinations that are absolutely
correct for you.
Because this is what we are here for.
Think about it.
The mind, in trying to control 
the life and organize the life,
becomes a liar automatically.
It’s what the mind does best – it lies.
lies to protect itself.
It cannot fully tell any truth because it holds back this or that or doesn’t say

It can never truly communicate with the other.
It can never really be free of that barrier 
that stands behind it and says `We’d better be careful what we say here because Don’t trust the mind to run your life.
All you do is allow the mind to become the greatest distortion.

OK. So I’ve shown you one set of formulas.
Now I’m going to show you another and it is one that takes you a step deeper into the way in which
we bind with the other.
This is the way in which we connect in the channels themselves,
specifically. Not looking at the

surface and looking at the centers,
but simply looking directly at the way we connect with another

human being in a channel.

Ra Uru Hu.

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